Saturday, April 28, 2007

Review of Day One and Perview of Day Two Coachella '07

It about 45 Minutes before the start of day two of the Web Cast of the Coachella festival on the AT&T Blueroom and where getting ready for from the look at the line-up it will look like a very good line up with Fields, the Fratellis, Regina Spektor, and The Arcade Fire among other.

But all of the talk on all the Blogs have been on Bjork prefomrence with a full band as she give under reason to fear the Fashion Police, also getting rave from all the bloggers was the reunion of the years so far the Jesus & Mary Chain which tyhay have a special guest the lovely Scarlett Johansson joined in for one song as she sang live for "Just Like Honey".

Also the Blogger also have been talking about Interpol set and a few have Photos of all there set.

If i found time i will put up page from the web on a diffidence post.

Now day two of Coachella the web Cast tonight will have a tape gig from last night Gogol Bordello who have played to great crowds at the Stick Complex.

also it a snank preview for fans of "the Fields" who was one of the band i like during the My NME single of the week last year, There playing the Lager House in Mid-May, also playing tonight between 11 PM [Saturday Night] to 2 AM who i have not seen in the Detroit area [They have play detroit, but i have not seen them]the Fratellis, the Beautifully Regina Spektor, and contender for the top spot for the 2007 Festival 50, The Arcade Fire. and i be posting up date thurout the night.

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