Monday, April 23, 2007

It Monday, April 23th

And it was a nice day today, but it was windy early in the day and the hi was 73 today

and thank you Johan Franzen who with a long shot in the 25 minute of overtime keep the red wings from not bombing out in round one, again!.

The big story in both Detroit daily papers that Jack White have Finally sold his house in Indian Village on Detroit East side after almost Eight Months on the market.

The House which was designed by C. Howard Crane, who also designed the Fox Theatre and is decorated in the White Stripes' signature red and white color scheme and was sold last week was sold to retired couple from Maryland for a grand total of $590,000, a far cry for the $900,000 he was asking back in August.

Jack as you know live now in Nashville with his Wife and kid and now is prepping to released "Icky Thump" on June 19th.

also it was announced on that the June 6th Issued of the New Music Express [Five days later in the U.S. on June 11th] will have a free 7" inces single of the Stripes off the new album which will be out on June 19th. the song is called "Rag and Bone" and will be press on red and then on June 11th the 1st single will be the title track for icky thump it will be out on CD and on 7" inch press in white vinyl.

so were ever so closer to the CD out on June 19th and there have book a new date there are playing the Ottawa Bluesfest at LeBreton Flats Park on July 8th.

And speaking about released, the The Beehive Recording Company the label run by by Ex-Detroit Cobras Steve Nuward will released there First ever 7' inch from the band from the Corktoen area call Cuckold![] with "Blood On My Hands" b/w "Bad Reputation will now ever be know as BRC 001.

Oh wait there More, on Saturday, The Expatriates a band that feather the sights Eddie Baranek will released there 7' inch "Bedroom Games" with "The New Dylan"
as the B-side.

Oh the thire and final released will be released on May 5th as the one and only Esquire who released his first new music in years as he released "Linda Lovelace For President", along with "Pocket Pal as the B-side

Now there will be a a listening party this upcoming Wednesday at LJ's Lounge[2411 Michigan Ave., which is a less than a mile East of the Larger House.] where they will be playing all released from all three Bands as well as songs spinning by DJ Anytime and Incredible Pop Machine.

To find out more about The Beehive Recording Company just go to the web sight at

And speaking about Live and Local released don't forget tomorrow will be the released of the Detroit's Cobra's brand new album in almost three years as Rachel Nagy and Company released "Tied And True", they will go on tour this Summer and they will played Detroit on September 1st at the stick.

Now let look what happened out side the 313 as far as indie news

The Almost reunite [well half reuntine} Smashing Pumpkins Reveal the tracklisting for there first new album in almost seven years called 'Zeitgeist' the album will be released on July 7th the CD have 12 songs on it and it will have head pumpkin Billy Corgan and original drummer Jimmy Chamberlain

the Track for Ziitgeist goes like this:

1. "Doomsday Clock"
2. "7 Shades of Black"
3. "Orchid"
4. "That's the Way"
5. "Tarantula"
6. "Starz"
7. "United States"
8. "Never Lost"
9. "Bring the Light"
10. "Come On (Let's Go)"
11. "For God and Country"
12. "Pomp and Circumstance"

and you be happy to know the on the band Interpol on there web sight they have post a date for there un-named third new album, it give out a date of July 10th and it have as a background a very beatufully picture of some montions and cloud Sky.

We don't know about how with sound but we see when it come out on July 10th.

Just to let you know that this weekend both Detroit papers will introduce there new tablor enterament guide on Thursday, both section will fouces on Gigs, theater, party, and going out.

Now there will be a weekend guide on Friday but that will be relegated to Movies and the names of the new entertainment section are in the Free Press will be called "Play" and in the News, it will be called "My time" it even have a myspace page at, Both Section will appeared in there respect paper begin on Thursday.

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