Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

Ok it not 9 O'Clock

But review what i saw on the Cocahella web cast keep me busy all night tonight so i did not get to a 9 PM video post tonight, but better late than never.

Now were inside two weeks until we get bug a sight to be seen but it get much worst

it the Eurovision Song Contest, where the winners get to hold the pride of Eruope For a entire year aldought the song total suck

tonight Country in the spotlight is the Country who believe it or not have won the most Eurovision Song Contest Ever

It the Country of Ireland

it won the title not once, not twice, but Seven times including four in five years from the years of 1992 to 1996, so it rules the contest in the 90's and it was the contest in 1994 the during a break from Comption the Stage show riverdance made it worldwide debut and the rest was history

it have not have a winner since 1996 when "The Voice" Sung by Eimear Quinn won the Title, they have gone into semi bad luck with there worst finish ever 24th two years ago.

there Hoping there fortune is turn around with the traditional Irish music band Dervish and there song "They Can't Stop The Spring"

Oh my god, it look like this song will put about half of the Internet crowd to sleep wield watching old shows of Hidreeland Who Who ZZZZzzzzzzz!!!!!

But if the Indie Kids where running the show
a lot of people would ask for the band Ash, But there from Northern Ireland

So we have to pick a Irish band
and No i would not be U2, good band but they don't need it

if we would ask one band from days gone by
i would ask this one band to reunite to take back
Eruovision For Ireland.
And before you ask, yes we check there From Dublin,Ireland

That band

My Bloody Valentine

hey, maybe be after they win Eruovision they could go on a world wide reunion tour
and wind up at Lollapooza at grant Park in Chicago on Aug. 3rd to the 5th and playing the make Shift Stage in the Windy City right now

Ann Arbor Own

Iggy & the Stooges

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