Saturday, April 28, 2007

Coachella Webcast review -#3

I left the house for a few Hours to see a band who i miss the last two Hamtramck blow out so i miss Stephen Marley featuring Jr. Gong and yes i did Miss the one and only Arctic Monkeys, but here were some web review from the live blogs Doing Cocahella.

Arctic Monkeys

the crowd has finally grown to a large number - and they love the
arctic monkeys. Songs from the new album are getting a great

Overheard Conversation

-- So we'll go from here to Arctic Monkeys, then meet up with them at Peaches.
-- What's that?
-- Peaches.
-- Who's that?
-- Peaches. Some crazy lesbian.

[From the Live blog on the Palm Spring Desert Sun]

The four gents of Arctic Monkeys are the least likely group of cheeky chappies to have practically their whole new album on the British singles charts. Alex Turner and Co. worked their sheepish, popped-collar charm as hard as they could during their main stage set. However, they have a way to go before their charisma is as kinetic as their tunes.

But jeez, what tunes. The curmudgeons who slagged them as overrated before they were properly rated at all now have to admit that they know from herky-jerky riffs and scathing wit. Their new record "Favourite Worst Nightmare" doesn't stray far from their debut, but the songs sounded more textured and thoughtful with an outdoor stage to breathe in. "Brianstorm," a pointed kiss-off to a hanger-on, dripped with sarcasm and prickly, intertwined guitars, while crowd-pleasers "I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor" and the slinky "Fake Tales of San Francisco" worked the young audience into a gleeful tizzy.

Turner still doesn't seem fazed, or even mildly amused, by his Arctic Monkeys' meteoric success. His stage presence could probably benefit from an acknowledgement that people really, really like his band, be it a bit more dancing or an even blacker tongue. But for four loutish kids who seemed a safe bet for a flash in the pan, darned if they aren't as flashy as ever, at least on record.

[From the Live Blog at the LA Times Web Sight]

Sonic Youth

I did get home at about 12:55 AM [Now Saturday, April 28]
to see Sonic youth on the webcast, but they when on very late because Jarvis Cockers when on so late about a Half of Hour late[and as you know in following concert or anything for years, if the second or three to last perform goes late everybody get push back Ouch.

the Band Preform ace was good the long time Four some [who now going on some 25 years] of Steve,Lee, Kim and Thruston do what they do best Crank up the Nosie as best they Could i only saw and at best 30 minutes of thank to Jarvis Cockers so i move to the main stage for on of tonight headliners


Fresh off her apprecen on Saturday night Live last week everybody Former sugar cube a cute female name Bjork entertained the crowd that have waited all day in the hot Desert sun, she Start with the Earth Intruder and continued on play new song from her new album Volta and then she Kick it old School with jòga,bachelorette,Army of me, and hyperballad.

she was back by a good band and the weird muti-color Horns section.

and she was great to watch Live as she perform Barefooted
she put on a really good show.

So that the End of Night One, there is More tomorrow.

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