Friday, April 27, 2007

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More Instan review from Coachella
from the AT&T Buleroom Web Cast

Tilly and the Wall

And this is why we Check the Line - up

One of my Fave Bands of last year, since this blog sight got going almost a year ago Next week, Tilly and the Wall have made Coachella a really fun event and the girls and the boys of the band from Omaha, Nebraska came well dress for the event with the girls look very Nice and the guys ready to lead a dance party, they sound good and having a fun time in the hot sun in the Vally.

This band who i saw last fall at the Magic Stick are always one of the most enjoyable to see live With there Cool Vibes and there Free sprite preference which is really cool to see, they were awesome to see.

Way to go Guys and Guys.

of Montreal

and Now one of the most popular bands if you ask who do you want to se at Day One of the festival, it must be the band who sold out the stick and the Majestic Theater that same week, that little art band from Athens, Georgia "of Montreal".

The Band Fronted by there Lead singer Kevin Barnes, the band played on the main stage in Front of the hot Desert Sun[Might i remind you it about 101* with a 7%Relative Humidity, not much of a heat Index}as the band played thought there way 50 Minutes set they sound good and Look goo seeing the Crowd Facing the Beautifully Mountains of the Cocahella Valley.

as Mr. Barn did almost Four or Five Costume Changes and no he did not got Naked like he did a few back in February in Vegas [hey, there kids at Cocahella what do you expect]and the band sound great as they sweat it out in the warm Desert Sun.

Rufus Wainwright

The Name said it all

the Sons of Loudon III and Brother of Martha, the US born Canadian-American is playing a mellow set tonight Nothing specular expect he have two Costume changes as he played his set inside the tent as the Sun Set, he did a OK job tonight but that Rufus.

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