Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Film Gudie Top 10

Well, Well, Well

We have a winner in the box office this weekend and for the second week in a row, the teen horror Fick "Disturbia" held off a film the stars "Hannibal Lecter"

in the battle of the murder thriller, "Disturbia" which star Shia LaBeouf took in $13.5 million and have made twice more money in the box office than it made to make the whole film.

"Fracture" which star Anthony Hopkins as a sly defendant accused of killing his unfaithful wife, was the top grossing New film this week with a take of $11.2 million.

the other New Films did well to so-so.

The trap in the hotel Slasher flick "Vacancy," which star the lovely Kate Beckinsale[and also Luke Wilson]opened at no.4 with $7.6 million.

"Hot Fuzz" a film from the maker of "Shaun of the Dead" which star Simon Pegg, who plays a London super-cop exiled to a sleepy British town, where he encounters a series of grisly deaths Finnish a OK no.6 with $5.8 million considering it played at about a 1/3 of the theater as "Fracture" and "Vacancy" were shown as well.

The only dud of the weekend was "In the Land of Women" the drama about a heartbroken writer who moves in with his grandmother and forges a relationship with a neighbor opening with a weak $4.9 million, good engought for no. 8.

as for the rest of the top 10
it goes like this:

1. "Disturbia," $13.5 million.
2. "Fracture," $11.2 million.[NEW]
3. "Blades of Glory," $7.8 million.
4. "Vacancy," $7.6 million. [NEW]
5. "Meet the Robinsons," $7.1 million.
6. "Hot Fuzz," $5.8 million. [NEW]
7. "Are We Done Yet?", $5.2 million.
8. "In the Land of Women," $4.9 million.[NEW]
9. "Perfect Stranger," $4.1 million.
10. "Wild Hogs," $2.9 million.

But as you know it will be all over in two weeks when this film hit theaters:

Spider-Man 3
May 4th

Oh it get worst two weeks later as this lovable green Giant hit Screens:

Shrek the Third
May 18th

and if you think you cant handle the big ones, here come the Captain Jack

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.
May 25th

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