Friday, April 27, 2007

Coachella Webcast reviews #1

Instant reviews

right Now in the Culture city News Office, i am watching the the live web cast of Coachella 2007 while i am catching on what going on today.

Brother Ali

the first bands on the web cast was Minneapolis rapper Brother Ali is warming up the Crowd by beging the first performer at one of the stages at Coachella, and to tell you the truth begin a real non-rapper Fan this Brother is working it to the crowd already at the polo grounds, Nothing special in Far of Stage Present, But he give some good words in his Live set as he pick it up near the end of the set which was relay good.


the second band on the web cast who i have been following on BBC online a wild Crazy band from the U.K. called "The Noisettes" fronted by there over the top Lead singer Shingai Shoniwa, they played there Bluesy fuse indie punk rock as Shingai show why she could be the wildest Front woman in all of rock and roll, they mostly played songs off there first Album "What's the Time Mr. Wolf?" Which was released on Tuesday, most of the set was good there really go when they rock but on the slower song they kind of lag a little bit.

Tokyo Police Club

And Now to my first there O.K. Band of the web cast the Toronto Four piece bands Tokyo Police Club, there set was alright The sound is good but in this blogger opinion there O.K. Nothing special here.

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