Saturday, April 28, 2007

Web Review From the Coachella Webcast -#6

the Fratellis

Now i been hearing about the this UK band For a Wield on the BBC on-line and they have been hype a a very good band, wellm after seeing there set today on the web cast they have the stuff to be a very goo live band going Thur there set like a Buzz saw as they play like it was there last gig [which is not]they was awesome to see live, so if they answer the called, pleased do me a favor og see them live, you wont be disappointed.

Regina Spektor

It is great to see a wonderful performer playing to the crowd in the hot Desert Sun as the Moscow born spektor is playing a Great set so far ranging from cacthy pop to her rocking style her piano playing is so good and she is Dress nice as well, she did play a few song on the Guitar as here Piano was briefly repair but she played most of the song From here two major album "Soviet Kitsch" and Begin to Hope and she was very good.

The Arcade Fire

to Quite the legdait rock band K.I.S.S, you wanted the best you go the best as the Sun was setting in the beautifully gray sky in the Clear Desert sun, one of this years indie knocker [think the Shins, think Modest Mouse, think Bright Eyes} took the stage on the main stage.

It was Montreal indie Hero's "The Arcade Fire" began what everybody in the real press and the blogging press would be a good show, and From the First song ""Keep the Car Running" to there last song which is my fave from the Neon Bible "No Cars Go" the Crowd was into the Fire and Win Bulter and Company feed off the energy as the band played a very exciting set that was to behold as win and the crowd pour there heart out as they play the set of the Night maybe the entire Festival.

Near the end of the set as the band was playing "Rebellion (Lies)" win went into the big Crowd so he can hear him singing along, they may have taking over 2007 big time and this gig in front 60,000 made put it over the top.


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