Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

And where only 16 days away for a event that make America Idol look like a Middle School Talent show, but it look like a big time over the top High School Musical

yes it that contest i mention on this same post on Monday, The Eruovision Song contest which this year event like every year is held at the winning Country of the last winner of the EruoVision.

Because of Monster rock and roll band Lordi Shocking victory in last year Eruovision contest, this year Big stage Contest will be held at a hockey arena in the Finnish Capitol of Helsinki, and they are hoping for a repeat victory in Eruovision.

But Before Lordi victory in last year Contest the country because sort of like the Eruovision Version of the LA Clippers, Not much in the 40 years they have been in the Eruovision Contest, they have finish last eight times and scoring Zero points three times, so the Chanes are not that good.

But all there Hopes are pinning on Hanna Pakarinen before she got into singing she was a [and yes were are not making this up] forklift driver before she audition for Finnish Idols [oohhh here were go] bow she a star in Finland and hoping she would win ober Europe with this Song "Leave Me Alone"[And No the Michael Jackson version]

Well, It kind of like could i say Avril Lavigne in ten years doing a rock version of Kelly Carlson but sounding a lot like Bonnie Tyery, Ouch.

But as you know as regular reader of this blog sight i keep a well maintain Indie Sreakand you know i maintain the spirit of this blog sight, after look at that video i know you are asking you self this question.

What if the Indie Kids ran Eurovision Song Contest?

Good Question, only one problem i don't know music of Finnish rock or indie rock music[other than Lordi} so I decide to go to the encyclopedia Wikipedia for any Finnish band and with the power of you tube we find out indie replacement For the Finnish entry in Eruovision.

Our Entry:

It the Only entry i can find

Pan Sonic

[if you know any Indie rock Finnish bands, play fire off a e-mail at culturecitynewtips[at]yahoo[dot]com]

There will be more on eruovision on the 9 P.M. post Between now and the two night event [May 10th(semi)and May 12th(Finals)]

But here are some Links - The Official sight
BBC Radio 2 Eurovision sight
a report on Eruovision on WNYC sound check

But there is also the other mega event but that will not be until August 3rd to the 5th and that event is Called Lollapalooza at Grant park in Chicago and one of the 130 acts playing at lolly from the Big stage

Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

Create Your Own PaloozaHead - Visit

One More Note on the Finnish band Lordi there where going on tour which include a stop at Harpo in Detroit but it have now been postpone because they will be on the Ozzfest this Summer, the Metal fest will stop by in Detroit at the DTE Energy Music Theatre on Aug. 26.

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