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Live From Victory From Chicago

Thank You

The Big Board from Culture City

From MSNBC.com

i am doing live local Twitting at

Here Live Video from MSNBC

Watch to watch for Tonight

And with the first poll close
here is a story from today Detroit News
to what to watch for tonight on this historic night

Pundits and pollsters may be trying to take all the fun out of Election Day. So many have predicted a lopsided victory for Sen. Barack Obama over Sen. John McCain that you might wonder why even to bother watching the returns tonight.

The fact is, there is plenty of mystery -- and there is only one poll that counts.

Aim to have the popcorn popped and to be on the couch no later than 7 p.m. Now, a guide of highlights to watch for today:


Setting the table: The networks are not supposed to call a state until all the polls in that state have closed. But there will be lots of raw data online, so you can go on the Web, check the returns and try calling the state yourself.

And they're off: The suspense starts in Indiana. Most polls close at 6 p.m. and others at 7 p.m. Indiana is a ruby red state where Obama has been running closely with McCain. Be wary of results that do not include Gary, a city with a substantial African-American population. If Obama wins it, Indiana could be the canary in the coal mine predicting disaster ahead for McCain.

• Also, at 7 p.m., polls close in Virginia and Georgia, and polls close in most of Florida and New Hampshire.

All eyes will quickly veer to Virginia, which Obama has labored to win. If he succeeds in the former capital of the one-time Confederacy, he will most likely do exceedingly well the rest of the night. Subtracting Virginia from the Republican column would give McCain very few routes to 270 electoral votes.

Orange crush? Florida, a voting experience unto itself. Whoever wins Florida, the fourth-largest state, gets a big leg up on winning the presidency. Again, if McCain loses here, his path narrows. But the race is so close that Florida may not portend much about the rest of the country.

Palate cleansers: At 7:30 p.m., polls close in Ohio and North Carolina. While Ohio is the bigger prize, keep your eyes on North Carolina (where officials have the option of keeping the polls open until 8:30 p.m. if there are problems). North Carolina is a red state that is newly competitive, again thanks to an Obama ground organization. If North Carolina votes for Obama, the map is likely to bleed blue for the rest of the night.

As for Ohio, it is not clear whether the adage still applies that no Republican has won the presidency without carrying Ohio since Abraham Lincoln.

Main course: At 8 p.m., Pennsylvania and Missouri finish voting.

Pennsylvania, of course, is the keystone to McCain's survival strategy: It is the one big blue state where he has staked his claim, in anticipation of losing some smaller red states. If he wins there, it would keep him alive and scramble the picture for Obama. Missouri is another red state where the contest looks close. But it frequently has voting issues that delay the count, so don't expect right away to add this to one column or the other. When you do get results, Missouri is usually with the winner.

The call: Conventional wisdom suggests that if Obama wins, he would do so early, because the polls in so many toss-up states -- Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida -- close early. Long lines or problems could delay the count. Watch to see how skittish, or not, the networks are about calling the states and the final outcome.

A two-screen night: This is the first presidential election in which the Web will be a major source of live information. This puts even more pressure on the networks to remind viewers of their resources and heft -- and to offer something different. Check out the holograms on CNN. The networks are offering more bells and whistles this year, but they are competing with cable channels and their own Web sites.

A note of caution: If a network calls a state, you might be able to extrapolate something. But if a network does not call a state, don't read too much into it.

Here's what else is at stake in today's election:

• Senate: Voters in 33 states will choose 35 senators, 33 for six-year terms. Special elections are being held in Mississippi and Wyoming, to fill the remaining four years in seats now held by gubernatorial appointees. At stake are 23 seats held by Republicans and 12 by Democrats.

• House: All 435 House seats are up for election. Republicans hold 199 seats, Democrats 235, with one vacancy.

• Governors: Voters in 11 states are electing governors, with tight races in Washington, North Carolina and Indiana. Republicans are trying to chip away at Democrats' 28-22 gubernatorial majority ahead of 2010, when 36 states elect governors.

• Ballot measures: There are 153 measures on ballots in 36 states, including divisive proposals to ban abortion in South Dakota, outlaw affirmative action in Colorado and Nebraska, and ban same-sex marriage in three states, including California -- where thousands of gays and lesbians have wed since a court ruling in May.

The Big Election - 4:30-5 PM update

Live Twittering at

it past 4:30 as i type this where almost less then 90 mintues away from the 1st exit polls closing in Indiana and Kentuckey as the start off this long night

and not olny that it going to be nuts from here on out things will get rolling at about 8 where a third of the state including michigan will close and not olny that i will get buzy tonight so i will not do much on the main blog site but it will crank out on the culture city live local twitter miro blog at www.twitter.com/Culturecitynews

it almost the Drive time hour and the long lines will come back and there have been problum today from long lines voting machein not working, so it have neen a long day at the poll.

remember at 5:30 i am going to get a embedd map from Daily Kos so you can follow live as it happend

and dont forget if both McCain and Omaba speak i will find live embeed video
so i can put up on this blog site.

Update From Talking Point Memo

Back Home and will be live local twittering from nwo untill the end of the night
at www.twitter.com/Culturecitynews

3 PM Update

it is now three P.M. in Culture city, and there about amost five hours of voting left and if you have not vote yet there is now plenty of time to go to the polls, the lines have goting shorter as the long line have die down from from early this morning the line have gotten shorther, but may pick up aging after drive time and the long lines may return and remember if you wait in line before 8 PM you will get to vote and Today is the noly day to vote not today and wednesday.

John McCain just hold a rally in Bolder, CO in hoping to rally the base

Barack Omaba is in Chicago hoping to get ready for his big night
with a rally at grant Park in Chicago.

More later and at 5:30 will put a map from the Daily Kos
to keep you track of who leading thought out the night.

Noon Update

it is now five hours since the polls have open in the state of Michigan
and like it has been all over town there have been long line all over the
detroit metro area

it just start voting in the west coast and the GOP ticket have cast it vote
VP candtidate Sarah Palin voted in Wallsia, AK
just five mintues later John McCain Voted in Phoenix, AZ

and after that the waiting will begin

just remember the lines are long but reremember if you are in line before 8 P.M.
you will vote.

if you voted early good for you, i was justm talking to my sister who vote with in poll place in St. Heights at 6:45 in the Morning and waited for a hour to cast her vote for i am not saying

the whole proseecd when O.K.

going out of the host right now the twittering continued at 3 or 4 PM.
for live play-by- play of the day

10:30 AM Report

it look like it going to a long day to vote in a historic election day
there have been long lines in the polling booth even there long lines
in the Detroit metro area some stech two or three blocks.

the dem ticket have votes already with Berack Omaba voted in Chicago
and his running mate Joe Bedin voted in his home state of Delaware

the GOP ticket will vote later with John McCain in his home state in Arizona
and sara Palin in AK.

but the vote is already over in two small towns in New Hamshire
at midnight reserher votes in Dixville Notch and Hart's Location
Whose population is under 150 voted and after 55 votes
Omaba won both town by the total of 32 to 16
but that one town wait untill 6 PM that real fun begin

Just remember polls in michigan close at 8 PM EST
if you are reading this blog from outside michigan
check when your polls close
if you are still in line just before 8 PM you can still voted

and if you have a full local news station they may be doing a
live webcast please check you time

in Detroit, there is two
WDIV Web Cast will go untill 9 PM
http://www.clickondetroit.com/ just a reminder you
have to click on the button every 10 min.
and WXYZ have a Webcast running all day

More later just before 1 PM.

Live Local All Day Twitter - The BIG Election


Right Now Live
play by play twitter
of the big day
This Morning the line are
long, but remember if you are still
in line just before you can yote

The poll opend untill 8 PM
the fun will start at 6 PM

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Weekly Indoor Gig Gudie November 3rd to 9th



JENNY LEWIS - Late Night with David Letterman - CBS
DECEMBERISTS - Late Night with - Conan O'Brian - NBC


Nothing it Election Night
Don't forget to vote on Tuesday
and watch the result on T.V.


YELLE - Last Call with CArson Daly - NBC


LORDI - Late Night with Conan O'Brian - NBC


CHROMEO - Late Night with - Conan O'Brian - NBC
TV ON THE RADIO - The Tonight show with Jay Leno - NBC


BBC Radio

Radio 1

Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust
Monday From 4 PM EST

Huw Stephens In New Music We Trust
The Best of BBC Introducing [Best New UK Bands}
Wednesday 4 PM EST

This Week - Pulled Apart By Horses in session

BBC Introducing in the Nations
Wednesday 7 to 9 PM EST

UK - Pulled Apart By Horses in session
Scotland - My Cousin I Bid You Farewell in session
Wales - The Ash And The Oak in session.
N. Ireland - Ciara Faye Cowan acoustic session!

Radio 2

Radcliffe and Maconie
Monday and Tuesday - 3 to 5 PM EDT

Tuesday - Alexei Sayle
Thursday - Noddy Holder

BBC 6 Music

6Music Plays It Again
Monday-Thursday 4:30 PM EST

This Week - The White Album

Forty years on, legendary record producer Chris Thomas (whose credits range from Pink Floyd to the Sex Pistols) looks back on his work on the 1968 release by The Beatles best known as ‘The White Album’ and introduces a variety of cover versions of the songs it includes. First broadcast on Radio 1 in 2005.

6Music Plays It Again Overnight
Every Night at 10 PM EDT

Monday thur Thursday - The Island Records Story
In a 10-part series first broadcast in 1987, Pete Drummond tells the story of the ground-breaking record label established by Chris Blackwell.

Beging on Friday - The Story of Pop

Another chance to hear Alan Freeman's major documentary series.

Live at 4(AM UK)
Every Night at 11 PM EDT


Monday - Warren Zevon - Hammersmith Odeon 1988
Tuesday - Cutting Crew - London Astoria 1986
Wednesday - Snow Patrol - Shepherd's Bush Empire 2004
Thursday - Electric Soft Parade - Glastonbury 2002
Friday - The Verve - Glastonbury 2008


Bellrays - 20/06/2002
Klaxons - 19/01/2007

Pretty Girls Make Graves - 09/02/2004
The Black Keys - 18/03/2008

Pentangle - 19/06/1972
Bees - 22/03/2002

Obi - 19/02/2004
Fine Young Cannibals -09/01/1985

Laika - 21/10/2003
Tea Set - 25/03/1980

On Line Right Now


Saturday 11/1 - JJ72 - Cardiff University 2000
Sunday 11/2 - Alice In Chains - Glasgow, Barrowlands 193


Saturday - 11/1
Steeleye Span - 02/02/1974
Deerhoof - 01/04/2004

Sunday - 11/2
Cinerama - 13/05/2001
Sufjan Stephens - 26/10/2004

Groger Lamb
Weekday from 5-8 PM EDT

Monday - Ra Ra Riot
Thursday - The Week That Was.
Friday - Cold War Kids

Weekend From 8-11 AM EDT

Tuesday - Charlie Brooker
Tuesday - The Kills
Wednesday - The Guillemots

Marc Riley
Weekday from 2-4 PM EDT

Monday - Stars and Sons
Tuesday - Micah P Hinson
Wednesday - The Howling Bells
Thursday - Shortwave Set

KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt
Live Set beging at 2:15 PM EST

Monday - Friendly Fires

all live set are in PST, Three Hours behind EST


The Henry Clay People - 9:00pm


Wallpaper - 6:00pm
Past Lives - 9:00pm

Japanese Motors - 6:00pm


The Dears - 6:00pm
Secret Machines - 9:00pm


Crooked Fingers - 3:00pm
Port O'Brien - 6:00pm
Bacchus - 9:00pm
Slim Moon stops by to play some of his local faves of all time - 10:00pm
LoveLand - 11:00pm


Crystal Stilts - 5:00pm

WOXY.com Live Lounge

Friday - The Turnbull AC's - 4:00pm


World Café
WeekDay From 2 to 4 PM EDT

Monday - Old 97's
Tuesday - Old Crow Medicine Show
w/ Melody Licious & Suzy Cole
Tuesdays 10p - 12a
On WRIF-FM 101.1 HD2
or online at

Airdate: October 28th

1. The Offramps – Chapter Eight
2. American Mars – Westernside
3. Bang Bang – Hell Is Where The Party’s At
4. Swamp Sisters – Leader OF The Wolfpack
5. The Casket Bastards – Zombie Twist
6. Fortune & Maltese – Vampira!
7. Noman – Tarantula
8. Los Mistrels Del Diablo – Everything Is Under Control
9. The Dead Bodies – Organ Grinder
10. The Von Bondies – Sound Of Terror
11. Javelins – Heavy Meadows
12. Prussia – I Misbehave
13. Skeemin’ No Goods – Politicians
14. Insane Clown Posse – Halls Of Illusion
15. The Go – It Might Be Bad
16. Wolfbait – Dropped By The Devil
17. Electric Six – Devil Nights
18. Electric Six – Formula 409
19. Zoos Of Berlin – Below The Old House
20. Crud – Reality
21. The Meatmen – Pope On A Rope
22. The Upholsterers – Ain’t Superstitious
23. Ether Aura – Crash
24. Tone & Niche – The Story
25. Friendly Foes – Couch Surfing
26. Great Lakes Myth Society – Stump Speech
27. Nuke & The Living Dead – Devil In Disguise
28. The Red Shift – Attica
29. Nain Rouge – Napoleon Complex
30. MC5 – Kick Out The Jams
31. Mazinga – Rocks & Fire
32. The Muggs – Monster
33. Chapstik – Satan Is Real
34. Koffin Kats – Chainsaw Massacre
35. Ghost City – Oh Severed Head

Cowboys & Indies
Saturdays - 9:30 PM - Midnight
On CJAM 91.5 FM Windsor/Detroit
or on-line at

Airdate:October 25th
Pledge Drive show

1. blur - sing
2. belle & sebastian - like the dylan in movies
3. doves - there goes the fear
4. razorlight - wire to wire
5. new order - sunrise
6. madness - baggy trousers
7. lp session - kaiser chiefs - "off with their heads:"
- you want history
- good days bad days
- always happens like that
8. manic street preachers - you love us
9. the airfields - the long way home
10. inspiral carpets - dragging me down
11. rialto - monday morning 5:19
12. the automatic - accessories
13. silver sun - lava
14. pride tiger - the lucky ones

Dead Air on indie 103.1 (LA)
Sundays 11 PM - 1 AM
On-Line on

Airdate:October 26th

Reissue of the Week!! Senor Coconut “El Baile Aleman”

1. The Dandy Warhols – Primary(Manimal Vinyl)
2. +/- – Subdued(Absolutely Kosher)
3. Andrew Lipke – On My Way(Mad Dragon)
4. The Sand Band – The Secret Chord(Happy Parts)
5. Jay Reatard – Always Wanting More(Matador)
6. Francois Virot – Island(Frenetic)
7. Glass Candy – Candy Castle(Italian Do It Better)
8. Von Iva – Electricity(self - released)
9. Weave! – Bravery(Manimal Vinyl)
10. School Of Seven Bells – Half Asleep(Ghostly Int’l)
11. Windy & Carl – Snow Covers Everything(kranky)
12. Benoit Pioulard – Ahn(kranky)
13. Mount Eerie – Who?(self-released)
14. Whitley – Mojo Pin(Fontana)
15. Marching Band in studio session...
- Gorgeous Behavior
- Letters
- Feel Good About It
16. Senor Coconut – Tour De France(Nacional)
17. Sea Sick – XX(self released)
18. 18th Dye – Go ‘n’ Go(Crunchy Frog)
19. DeLeon in studio session...
- Aido Querido;
- Be Still, Angelino
- La Vida Do Por El Raki
20. Softboiled Eggies – Can You Send Blame?(Upset The Rhythm)
21. Crystal Stilts – The Sinking(Slumberland)
22. cAUSE co-MOTION! – This Time Next Year(Slumberland)
23. It’s Casual – Skate Or Die(Friendly Hills)
24. Pegataur – Scourge Of The Stars(For Once)
25. These Arms Are Snakes – Lucifer(Suicide Squeeze)
26. Fight Bite – Never Let Go(self released)
27. Dancer vs. Politician – Mond & Stern(selfreleased)

Rodney on ROQ
Early Monday Mornings
From 3-6 AM
On-Line at

Airdate:October 27, 2008 (Halloween!)
Category: Music

1. Valencia- Where did you go?
2. Sky Saxon- Barbie Doll Look
3. Tokyo Police Club- Graves
4. Supergrass- Ghost of a Friend
5. Ra Ra Riot- Ghosts under Rocks
6. We are Scientists- Ghouls
7. The Who- Boris the Spider
8. Buck Brothers- Girls Skirts Boots Bikes
9. The Cramps- Dames, Booze, Chains and Boots
10. The Horrors- Jack the Ripper
11. Screamin' Lord Sutch & The Savages- She's Fallen In Love with The Monster Man
12. The Bollock Brothers- Horror Movies
13. The Postmarks- 7-11
14. Antsy Pants- Vampire
15. The Inflatable Boys Clams- Skeletons
16. The White Stripes- Little Ghost
17. M83- Graveyard Girl
18. The Ventures- Fear (Main title from "One Step Beyond")
19. The Parties- Radio
20. Baby Lemonade- underground DJ
21. The Virgins- Radio Christiane
22. The Parties- The Parties
23. Pleasant Gehman- Season of the Witch
24. Donovan- Season of The Witch
25. American Internationals- Attack of the 20ft Woman (from Mars)
26. The Ravonettes- Attack of the Ghost Rider
27. The Cramps- Sheena's in a Goth Gang
28. The Screaming Tribesman- Date with a Vampire
29. Undersea Explosion- I met the devil down in New Orleans
30. Silvery- Devil in Detail
31. The Wedding Present- I saw Spiderman on Hollywood
32. Editors- Spiders
33. Poppy And The Jezebells- U.F.O
34. Monsters are Waiting- Monsters
35. Siouxie and the Banshees- Halloween
36. The Mansfields- Who wants to be a Zombie Anyway
37. Fred Snyder and the Shake Society- Monster
38. Bombay Bicycle Club- Ghosts
39. Alice Cooper- Welcome to my Nightmare
40. Bauhaus- Bela Lugosi's Dead
41. Subsource- Dark of the New Light
42. The Temper Trap- Science of Fear
43. The Horrors- Gloves
44. Silvery- Horrors
45. The Kooks- Tell me Whether
46. Lord- The Ghosts of Heceta Head
47. The Shags- It's Halloween
48. Tokyo Police Club- Graves

WOXY.com Top 20 Album
as of Novermber 1st

1 - Mother Mother
2 - Margot & The Nuclear So & So's
3 - Birdmonster
4 - TV On The Radio
5 - Catfish Haven
6 - Secret Machines
7 - Friendly Fires
8 - The Dears
9 - Jessica Lea Mayfield
10 - Mason Proper
11 - Deerhoof
12 - Those Dancing Days
13 - Blitzen Trapper
14 - Annuals
15 - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
16 - Gentleman Auction House
17 - The Seedy Seeds
18 - Okkervil River
19 - The Spinto Band
20 - + / -

Steve Lamacq's In New Music We Trust
Mondays 4 PM
On-Line Live and for the
whole week on

No Show this week because BBC Aired a special
Electric Proms special.

The Steve Lamacq Show
Live Wednesday 6:30 PM EDT
On-Line Live and for the
whole week on www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/lamacq

Airdate: October 29th

1. It Hugs Back – ‘Work Day’

2. Adele – ‘Make You Feel My Love’
Album – ‘19’

3. Miserable Rich – ‘The Time That’s Mine’

4. Vampire Weekend – ‘A Punk’
Album ‘Gold’

5. The Pains of Bring Pure at Heart – ‘Everything With You’

6. Listeners Choice:
Jake Morely – ‘Ferris Wheel’
EP – ‘This City’

7. Conor Oberst – ‘I Don’t Want To Die In Hospital’
Album – ‘Conor Oberst’

8. Laura Marling – ‘Night Terror’
Album – ‘Alas, I Cannot Swim’

9. Jay Jay Pistolet – ‘Happy Birthday’
‘The Happy Birthday EP’

10. The Hold Steady – ‘Stay Positive’

11. Pascal Comelade – ‘Love Too Soon’ (with PJ Harvey)
Album – ‘Best of…’

12. The Travelling Band – ‘Only Waiting’

13. Silvery – ‘Action Force’
Album – ‘Thunderer & Excelsior’

14. Lost Brothers – ‘Angry at the Sun’

15. David Byrne & Brian Eno – ‘Life Is Long’
Album – ‘Everything That Happens Will Happen Today’

The Weekly Outdoor Gig Guide For November 3rd to 9th.

And don't forget the most important gig of all will be this Tuesday
when you exeseric your right to vote
so if you are register go to your polling station you have to vote


Tuesday - Election Day

Magic Stick

Tuesday - THE STILLS

Majestic Theatre


The Crofoot

Tuesday - DANIELSON [the Pike Room} Thursday - NEVA DINOVA with MCCARTHY TRENCHING and STRANGERS AND BROTHERS[the Pike Room]
Thursday - BEN KENNEY of INCUBUS [The Eagle Theater]
Friday - THE HOMOSEXUALS[the Pike Room]
Friday - Myspace Music presents 3OH!3 [the Crofoot Ballroom]
Friday - MOBIL at PHONOTROPIC [the Vernors Room]

CANCELLED - LYRICS BORN [The Eagle Theater] - Wednesday

Magic Bag

Friday - BACK FORTY with Jam Samich & Lake Effect

CANCELLED - PICTURES & SOUND with Greenstreet - Tuesday

Lager House

Tuesday - FASHION wsg Goodnight Loving (Milwaukee) and Bad Indians
Friday - Acoustic Detroit w/Nice Device, Zach Curd, Craig Brown + way more
[Sponsor by our blogger friends fivethreedialtone.com and Web Vomit]
Saturday - Magic Shop w/The Sundresses, The Bird Dogs

Saint Andrews Hall

Thursday - Cafe Tacuba
Sunday - Tech N9ne


Sunday - Pierce the Veil

Blind Pig (Ann Arbor)

Wednesday - Needtobreathe w/ September On
Thursday - Love Meets Lust w/ Millions of Brazillians
Friday - Ann Arbor Soul Club
Saturday - Nomo

The Fillmore Detroit (formerly State Theatre)

Saturday - Kings of Leon

M.O.C.A.D. - Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit



The Ark [Ann Arbor]

Thursday - SOLD OUT - Amos Lee & Priscilla Ahn
Friday - Willy Porter
Saturday - Richard Shindell 8 pm $20 Contemporary Songwriters & Groups
Sunday - SOLD OUT - Martin Sexton

Royal Oak Music Theatre

Friday - Michael Franti & Spearhead

The Belmont(Hamtramck)

Thursday - Outdated Fate, Vermont Response
Friday - Dressy Bessy, Motor City Midwives, and One for the Team
Saturday - Solitary States

Small Bar (Hamtramck)

Thursday - Three Bad Jacks, Twistn’ Tarantulas, Dj Dell @ smalls
Saturday - Cruxshadows

Northern Lights Lounge

Saturday - Margarett Dollrod

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Monday - Coldplay wsg Sleepercar
Wednesday - AC/DC wsg The Answer [SOLD OUT]
Saturday - Alan Jackson wsg Trace Adkins and James Otto