Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Big Election - 4:30-5 PM update

Live Twittering at

it past 4:30 as i type this where almost less then 90 mintues away from the 1st exit polls closing in Indiana and Kentuckey as the start off this long night

and not olny that it going to be nuts from here on out things will get rolling at about 8 where a third of the state including michigan will close and not olny that i will get buzy tonight so i will not do much on the main blog site but it will crank out on the culture city live local twitter miro blog at www.twitter.com/Culturecitynews

it almost the Drive time hour and the long lines will come back and there have been problum today from long lines voting machein not working, so it have neen a long day at the poll.

remember at 5:30 i am going to get a embedd map from Daily Kos so you can follow live as it happend

and dont forget if both McCain and Omaba speak i will find live embeed video
so i can put up on this blog site.

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