Friday, October 31, 2008

It 9 O'Clock

and i hoped you Night go really well
or worst you may be follow by zombie from the grave
with a Vincent Price rap in between a moonwalk


A Gig Gudie Alter and a note from Me

Before i begin, i want to say sorry for the Lack of post over the last few weeks
i been doing other things away from the computer so i have not been doing the sight on a daily bais.

now i will admit the four months at the begin of the yes have knock me off big time
i have posting on and off this year so with only two months left in 2008 i will keep it on the download and hopeful i can rev up for 2009.

and dont worry i will do the 2008 Festive 50 during the Xmas Break after a on and off January break to take care of the office where i do my blog sight

so every things is Kind of under control

Now it would not be a blog sight with out News so if you are going
out you should be reminded the return of Funk night at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit scheduled for Halloween Night have been cancelled.

It was going to be the 1st all night dance party since the Late May raid by Detroit Police the resulted in almost 130 arrest mostly for loitering in a after hours club
but as any one know this is one of the most pubisced story in Detroit Culture history in the last five years putting next to the Jack vs Jason brawl at the Magic stick and the WDET dumping it music programing.

Now the reason for the cancellation was tickets sale was slow for the event which require membership to the CAID itself[$20 for one year.] and it was going to be for it member only and the people who was caught in the raid back in May was going to get in free with reservations phone in ahead of time.

there was not engought ticket begin sold and not of reservations came in so the whole night was scrub big time, the ticket to the night will be refund of will get a T-shirts.

Now there is some info on the CAID in the Raid, as you know back in September the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office dismiss loitering charges against 116 patrons who was just there.

But the remaining charges against the employees at the CAID will be try one by one but not in the group like the kids who was there that night back in May.

No trail date have been set in that case.

also about the cars that was seized in the raid as you know there was 44 cars towed in the raid, most of them have to paid somewhere between $900 and $1,200 to get there cars back, althought the loitering charges have been dismiss they will not begetting a refunds.

The ACLU is fighting to get the money back and not only they tyring to get the remaining cars back as well, worst in all this one of the cars that was seized was stolen off the impound lot.

in a story in the Detroit Free Press that ran on Oct. 17 one of patrons who car was towed told the freep that his 1996 Chevy Corsica with 130,000 miles was sloten from the Boulevard & Trumbull impound lot when the theft driven through a fence.

the kid have sue the towing company, but according to the article there working on a settlement.

So we have not hear the last of this one on the CAID raid.