Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Indie News Round Up

Today is Tuesday, April 24

Today was a nice 65* it was not as windy like it was yesterday

and if you what to see game one of the wings vs the Sharks on Thursday you have to go to the bars to see V.S. network because that where the game will be on, because V.S. have Exsucle right to show the game so that will lock out FSN Detroit and the CBC have rights to Canadian teams still left in the NHL playoffs.

The Big Story when you read this morning that Downtown Detroit Music Venue St, Andrew hall may be sold to of all people Eminem, according to report in Today [April 24] Detroit From people close to the talks.

that Eminem and his manager, Paul Rosenberg would buy the leased from live nation and members of the club's current management team would continue to run the building's day-to-day operations

But hold on there is more to this story late in the afternoon on the Detroit Free Press on there Web sight [www.freep.com] that Rosenberg would man control of the hall’s liquor license and day-to-day operations and Live Nation would retain the property[the building itself] and rights to book shows at St. Andrews Hall, Eminem will have a role in but what roll will it be there not saying because he is barred From Begin a part of the liquor license until 2008.

Michigan Law do say that convicted felons are barred for owning liquor license if you were conviction of a Felony, In 2001 Eminem plead guilty to a concealed-weapon charge stemming from an incident at a Warren Hot Rock Rock club; Now if he stay out of trouble from now to 2008 his conviction would be clear from his record.

And it worth noteing one thing Eminem got his start at the St.Andrews Hall with all those rap battle at the Downstairs Shelter which was recreate for the excellent movie "8 Mile" [Which i highly recommend]

There will be more on this story as it continued to unfold

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