Sunday, August 06, 2006

It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City

This past week, It was my birthday, I Just turn 33 years old begin born in the very glory years in 1973, aaahhhh yes the 4th year of the fab 70' The popualur Show on TV That year was The Waltons M*A*S*H,Kung Fu,Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Columbo, The Flip Wilson Show, And yes there was trhee Networks back then also poping up was Schoolhouse Rock!,Barnaby Jones,The Young and the Restless, Kojak, The $10,000 Pyramid with Dick Clark, and The Six Million Dollar Man, Whied Bonanza, Laugh-In, and The Mod Squad all fade to black. also in 73 NBC roll out a New game show called "Shopper's Bazaar" is produced for — and quickly rejected by — NBC, so the did a make over and it now know as Wheel of Fortune.

The Big TV Speacail at the time was Elvis Presley's Aloha From Hawaii television special is was seen around the world by over 1 billion viewers The first-ever such gig to be broadcast live via satellite but the US Viewers did not see it untill two day later untill Jan 14, also in 73 CBGB's in New York City open up for bizzness, Production begins for a situation comedies that is too be aired in 74 on ABC it was about the 50's and it was called Happy Days.

the big flick that year was The Exorcist, Live and Let Die, Paper Moon, Live and Let Die, Jesus Christ Superstar, American Graffiti. the best picture oscar went to The Sting staring Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

The Top tunes on that year was Candle in the Wind" - Elton John, "Nadia's Theme" which was later used a the themy Song for th CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, "Piano Man" - Billy Joel, "Top Of The World" - The Carpenters,

mean whield George Harrison - The Concert for Bangla Desh won Album of the year and the best New Artiest in 73 was America.

In Sports Oakland Athletics won 4 games to 3 over the New York Mets to win the World Series, New York Knicks won 4 games to 1 over the Los Angeles Lakers to wi the NBA Final, Miami Dolphins won 14-7 over the Washington Redskins to complete the only unbeaten NFL season in Super Bowl VII, and Montreal Canadiens defeat the Chicago Blackhawks 4 games to 2 to win the Staney Cup wheild that other league New England Whalers defeat the Winnipeg Jets 4 games to 1 for first and only league championship in the World Hockey Association AVCO Cup.

The Detroit Team in 73, The Wings was in a funck, The Tigers did well at 85-77, The Pistons were so-so 40-42(Did Not make the play-off) and the lions was the so-so Lions (6-7-1 that year).

And Then there was me, Born in Yugoslay in 73 and look where i am now 33 year later doing a blog sight, but hey i was not the only one born that day thur the year other famost name was also born on this day(year they were born in ()) like Lost Evangeline Lilly (79'), Tom Brady of The New England Patroits (77'), Troy Glaus of the Toronto Blue Jays (76'), DJ Spinderella of Salt-N-Pepa(71'), even the sirl who sang "Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit" Was born on this day (Gina G - 70') and Ed Roland of Collective Soul (63'), as well as James Hetfield of Metallica (Also in 63'), and Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats (61'), drummer Martin Atkins of Public Image Ltd.(59'), Jay North you know the guy who play Dennis the Menace back in the old days (51').

Also born on this day was Martha Stewart (yes that Martha Stewart - 41'), and Martin Sheen (40'), and even BBC Radio 2 Terry Wogan (38'), and Marv Levy(25').

And Tonight Entry in 1926 where Anthony Dominick Benedetto was born in Astoria section of Queens in New York City, but the world would know him forever as Tony Bennett a sinder singer who found his Succed as a standards, and jazz singer who was making hit records in the 50 and 60 but when rocks push out Croonner Music in the 60 some say he was wash up.

but then the most unliky comback in the late 1990 with a new and total younger crowd as he made a appenced at the HSF Festvial as he stole the show from the likes of Ramones,Soul Asylum, PJ Harvey, Primus, Courtney Love, General Public, Bush, Mike Watt, Better Than Ezra, Juliana Hatfield, Shudder to Think on the main stage.

One of his singer tune that never get old with time is the Classic "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"

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