Monday, July 10, 2006

Now that was a mix Week end

well i say i have a dull weekend still have Earwax in the ears so i am still stuck with muff vocies ouch that hurt, But i made the best of it, On Friday i went to Muffy(Lead singer of the Sirern) 40th B-day Party at her house i arrive at 11:40 PM and there was alot of house guest a who who of the detroit music sence like Tomy Muggs(the Mugs),Marcie of the Von Bondies, esQuire, Ryan from Thuderbirds are Now with his girl angela, Melody Licious from riff2 and about 20 other bands (also from the sirern),the late arriving Suzy Cole, Chris Capitol, Jackson Smith, Greg(and his girl jackie) and Dave(his wife Julie)from Radio fever,Chip from the fondas, Audra Kubat, Sterling, Liz from trophy wife clothing, Fred Thomas from SLGTM, Alica from Slumber Party,The Anvil from the Hard lession almost every members of the Cerloy Lords (Monther,Sean(with his girl)and the lovely Miss MAYUKO),a few member of Johnny head band, almost 3/5 of the Dirtbombs (Mick Collins saturday night Night train, pat pantano(with his girl shannon)and the one and only Prankster ben blackwell(and his grils Detroit Missisa), Ex-WDET DJ Willie Wilson, the one and only Wendy Case who gave me a ride home a 4 in the Morning after i was full, Jackie(Ex- of or still working there), Dan John and Tracee Mae Miller from Blance, the very Magicial LEANN METRO from ghost City and also from the sirens, also Ex-sirens Ruth ruth, also Ex-Sirens and come ons Double D with her man (Sorry guys she already taking, sorry to break the news guys),The Muldoons was there as well so amny people was there to wish happy 40th to a very nice lady who have a good laught next to wendy case.

If i forgot any one sorry i woke up at about 12:30 PM the next Day it remind me about the time last fall after a detroit Corbra show at the magic Stick me, Jim and sandy,Dan and Peggie Lipton, and member of the Raining Sounds(Who opend for the corbra) snunck up on to the roof of a unnamed Downtown Detroit Hotel (and no it was not the ren cen) and saw a good view of downtown, i was up there but i am affire of high placed.

If anone is read today post i know some body os thinking this will be the last time we invite steve to a house party so he could write about the monday after.

So the weekend was OK i saw PBS Great Performances which feather A Prairie Home Companion one of my fave show on the radio which you can listen to past show at and did nothing but the last two game of the World Cup (The 3rd Place game and the Finals) and doing a lot of blogging as there nothing going on for the Next three Day of and sports of any kind (MLB all star Break, Home run durby tonight on ESPN and all star game Tommorrow on FOX.)and with ever new local post there No new local from my good source but something happend i have to move it for the tale end of the post to the first story of the post.

Now Normal i would put this in the end of my report on a monday but it a record beaking story to good to pass up i am puting this story in front of the post, and Dispite some mix reviews from the reviers (Free Press like it, News Was bord by it) The follow up to "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl but this time it called "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest have a monster take that smash record big as it have THE BIGGEST OPENING DAY EVER that $55,549,000 on a friday on it way to make a whopping $132,028,000 for the entier weekend that (Friday to Sunday).

It smash a lot of record big time, The old record for biggest weekend opening ever was $114.8 million for the first Spider-man Movie in 2002(total gross was $403,706,375 US), The Biggest one day record before "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was the last Star Wars Movie just lasy year as it made $50,013,859 in May of last year (total US Gross $380,270,577), it was also the fastest to make $100 Million Dollars in 2 days, and also broke record like best July opening that is unbelivable.

And if you wonder about the rest

1. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," $132 million.
(we know about that movie already)
2. "Superman Returns," $21.85 million.
(Hey a pirate brought down superman)
3. "The Devil Wears Prada," $15.6 million.
(hey merlie Streep is more evel then a pirate)
4. "Click," $12 million.
(maybe they was clicking to a pirate Movie)
5. "Cars," $10.3 million.
(was Corner by a huge Pirate Ship)
6. "Nacho Libre," $3.3 million.
(at least a pirates Movie downgrade this movie into B-movie)
7. "The Lake House," $2.8 million.
(are we looking for any pirate)
8. "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift," $2.5 million.
it not fast engoht with litte gas to catch a pirate ship)
9. "Waist Deep," $1.9 million.
(and taking water)
10. "The Break-Up," $1.6 million.
(but not without my ture love)

I know that bad news travel fast post have been coming early and offen this year From The WDET-FM Programing feasco, to the old UA Buluing haveing it art window Power
Wash to look nice for the Super Bowl (and tell me why nobody move in to woodward yet),BBC axing Tops of the Pops, to slearter-Kinney Breaking-up, to Steve Y retieing, To the Frow moving on to the Bulls for big money (That Debatable), And Brendan Shanahan moving on To bigger thing in NYC.(The Headline in the Free Press today:SHANAHAN SIGNS WITH RANGERS: Good-bye, Shannytown ... hello, Shanhattan, today News said it all in a colume by wojo: 'It's different now') so the bad news have been fast and furrues this year But after hearing this news on a little mention on one of my fave show and googleing it in the news section on googhle bad news countuen.

Lamacq Live the four hour Show on what going on live around the UK born out of the ashes of the Fame Evening Session which last almost 10 years and was must hear during the britpop days Is coming to a End. Ouch.

the Higher Up at the BBC is reworking the radio one schedule and i sad to say he loseing his monday Night Show (4 to 8 PM EDT) to Colin Murray at ten (or 5PM EDT)

His Last show will be on September 25, But hey look on the bright side he still host a cool show on the BBC 6 music(www, ever day from 11AM to 2 PM EDT so all hope is not lost.

So there is pleanty of News Outside the 313 let look and there is bad News if you a fan of the Broken Social Scene as the band will go on a long, Long extended Hiatus after there Fall Tour, BSS Lead singer Kevin Drew told "We've become that band that doesn't really rehearse anymore," "We just get together and go tour and play live. We've lost a bit of that thing we had at the beginning where we tried to challenge each other a lot more."

"The last few years have been hard," he continued, noting the dramatic uptick in media interest in Canadian rock bands. "Things kept getting bigger and changing. But we've had an incredible, incredible, incredible run. It's something that can't be taken for granted. If we kept going [without a break], we'd be taking it for granted. Next time, we'd be doing college tours for money. That sucks the music out of you. Next thing you know, you're trying to get teenagers to buy your albums."

Now uring this long Break the members of BSS Brendan Canning,Kevin Drew,Justin Peroff,Charles Spearin,Andrew Whiteman,Jason Collett,David Newfeld,Leslie Feist,Emily Haines,James Shaw,Evan Cranley,Amy Millan,Ohad Benchetrit,Martin Davis Kinack,Jo-ann Goldsmith,Torquil Campbell,John Crossingham will do there will release new alblum including Andrew Whiteman's Apostle Of Hustle, Feist and Dave Newfeld and Emily Haines solo debut.

The tour is planning to focus on places it hasn't often played, including Florida and other Southeastern let hope they do a detroit Date.

Speaking about A Detroit Date a few weeks ago i told you about Bob Dylan planing to release his lates CD (His 46th ever albume, Not counting thouse Greates Hits CD)Modern Times On August 29th and he will tour the Minors Leaueg Ballpark and the tour will may come to one of the local Minor league Ball park it will start in the state but not at Fifth Third Fleid Home of the Toledo Mud Hens or Oldmoblie Park home of the Lansing Lugnuts, But his tour will kick off at Fifth Third Ballpark in Comstock Park MI(about less than 10 Miles from Grand Rapids and about 166 miles from Detroit)home of the Class A West Michigan Whitecaps of the Midwest League a Affiliate of your Best record in the major League Detroit Tigers now ticket are already on sale over the phone by calling (616) 784-4131, through the Whitecaps website,, or at TicketMaster locations and the price of the ticket $49.50 and speking of priced ticket fot tom watts 1st Detroit in almost 20 years show on Aug 11. It will go on sale this Friday at 10 AM and the ticket price if you want to know is $72.00, So like say start saving Now.

well this end the post aging sorry if i name drop to much on how is my weekend was

and dont for get my LNMC is Always open

Good Night and good luck!


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