Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Culture City Live Review

The Long Blondes
with Drug Rub & Millions of Brazillians
May 23, 2008
Magic Stick

It was Friday night in the big city on the Day before the Movement festival get underway and all eyes are on Detroit for Stanley cup Finals and on the night before the Start of Movement there was a lot pre warm up gig for movement.

But all of the Detroit music scene was at Pontiac at big gig to help out a friend of the scene, but some how somebody did forget there was a gig tonight at the Magic Stick and it was a good show for those of us who brave all the pre movement crowds travel to point B is now $4.00 a gallon.

the main Act Sheffield lovable five piece indie band The Long Blondes put on a pretty good act they look were pretty up on stage as they play selection from there brand new album "Couples" and a lot of well know song from there 2006 Debut "Someone to Drive You Home".

the band played a really good set, as they was rocking to the small crowd [most of them fans like me], Kate Jackson look very dress down sporting her tough girl look while the two other female member Reenie Hollis and Emma Chaplin look very pretty as well last night.

most of the song i remember was from the 1st CD like "Weekend without Make-Up", "Separated By Motorways", "Lust in the Movies","Giddy Stratospheres" and "Once And Never Aging" and the new song like "Century", I Like the boys and "I'm Going to hell".

before they played the title track from "Couples" Called 'The Couples lead guitar Dorian Cox was telling the story of the last time the band played Detroit where he when to people records which was locale at Forest Arms Apartments near Wayne State U., which burn down in a infno back in February[FYI - it now relocate near Downtown on Woodward at Peterboro]and was happy to shop at a cool viney record store and was sad to learn when it was burn down, i thought it was nice to him to remember people at the Forester Arms.

And for once i finally to see the Boston base blues-rock Group "Drug Rug", although they told me after the show were not felling it after the show because of only five people in front of the stage, they played a short 1/2 a hour set of tracks off there debut CD which was good engouth to be on Last year Culture City Festive 50 Countdown.

they was really fun to watch live, i really like the happy goes lucky guitars playing of Sarah Cronin and great matching vocals of his boyfriend Apollo Sunshine [A.K.A. Tommy Allen] there was really great to see live and not only that they was real nice too talk too which was fun to see.

And Might i recommend the self-title CD it worth a listen.

But there was a local openers, Brand New band "Millions of Brazillians" this is the
1st time i saw them and thought there was O.K., nothing special it was three guys playing what called "a form of assertive, guitar-driving rock with equal parts Fugazi, Prince, Johnny Greenwood and Bloc Party, incorporating infectious harmonies that maintain their retro appeal while staying brilliantly modern"

I have to see them a few more time and listen to there stuff on there myspace page to get a real good fell of there, but OK is better than so-so.

The set List of the Night.

Long Blondes
Set List

1. Here Come's The Serious Bit
2. Weekend without Make-Up
3. Autonomy Boy
4. Round The Hairpin
5. Erin O'Connor
6. Separated By Motorways
7. I Like The Boys
8. Century
9. Too Clever By Half
10. You Could Have Both
11. The Couples
12. Once And Never Aging
13. Guilt
14. I'm Going To Hell
15. Giddy Stratospheres
16. Lust in the Movies
[Note: I miss the encore because it was not on there set list, if you know please E-Mail me at Culturecitynewstip[at]yahoo[dot]com]

Dug Rug

[Note: there was no set list for Durg rug but i think it was from Debut album.]

Millions of Brazillians

1. Thanks
2. Countdown
3. Armenia
4. Vermont
5. Hammer
6. Only Think
7. Sects
8. Happy


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