Monday, May 19, 2008

The report on part one of Dancing of the Stars [in one way or the other]

Well tonight was support to the debut of the Culture City
live blog on twitter to follow the live "Dancing with the stars" two part Finale

but as you know the Schedule can be really, Really bad with a capital "B"
i have Softball practice today and i would not be back in the HQ after 8 PM

The Finally will go from 8-9 PM and not only that i am waiting for a new soundcard because my PC is not detection a soundcard on my PC, Ouch
[and on a side note looking for a antivirus software]

but i will do a report on the finally tonight or Tomorrow night with the last show when the winner be reviled with live blogging on the New Twitter site at:

a revised the blow-by-blow on the Dance Floor
and if i cant do it tonight i will do the last show tomorrow night

Live Local Now

Now each post is limit to 140 letter,number, and space
so all the Name will be short so here the key to tonight last dance show


KY-MB = Kristi Yamaguchi[ice skater]/Mark Ballas
JT-ES = Jason Taylor[Football Player]/Edyta Sliwinska
CDe-CB = Cristian de la Fuente[Actor]/Cheryl Burke


CAI = Carrie Ann Inaba
LENG = Len Goodman
BTON = Bruno Tonioli

And if Needed


TOMB = Tom Bergeron
SAMH = Samantha Harris

Tonight at 8 PM on
and if not tonight Tuesday at 9 PM at the Same Site
oh by the way it on ABC on the TV side.

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