Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Recap of tonight "Dancing with the stars"

well i taking baby step on this blog
so to night was a good test on this blog
doning the live blog of the last "Dancing with the stars" last live preforming blog on

So if you miss any of it
you can roll back to the site and not only that you can read my live real time blog of tonight show that when real fast.

I was kind of thrown off a little bit
came back to HQ around 10 minutes until 8 PM

the Last three Couple Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas, Jason Taylorand Edyta Sliwinska and Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke did two dances tonight on was a Group dance with the cha-cha and all three did there Freestyle routine.

and the stars of the night and a overwhening Fave to with the whole thing is Figure-skating champ Kristi Yamaguchi she step it up big time with her freestyle dance with a big time old school hip hop number and not only that she clean the broad with a prefit score of 30.

now it only the viewers agree with the judges she is going to win this thing hands down and not only that she have the hockey fans support, remember she is married to a ex - hockey player.

Big time surprise was who finish 2nd it was Cristian de la Fuente who did OK, but because of the bad Arm [which was injured a two weeks ago, and will have surgery on Friday]couldn't do any heavy lifting what every and the dance was OK

and finish close behind was Jason Taylor he did a very good dance with a Miami stely setting and not only that have a really good football body.

The Score after tonight are:
{remember it count for half the score, the callers make the other half}

Kristi Yamaguchi = 60
Cristian de la Fuente = 52
Jason Taylor = 51

the winner will be giving the very cheesy mirror ball
Tomorrow night at 9 PM on ABC [WXYZ-TV at my home base of Detroit or you local ABC station outside Detroit]

and it you miss anything i be live blogging be ging at 8:30 PM

and i did not do it tonight but will do it tomorrow
a link to the culture city twitter site.

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