Sunday, July 16, 2006

Culture City Extra

A New Segment on the Blogsite
The Rock City Questionnaire

Today i should post a primer of a new segment the Blog site, i though of doing this on other detroit base blog site, but since i now doing my own blog sight i should do it on my own blog sight.

It call The Rock City Questionnaire 10 qusetions all about rock and roll in detroit rocks city each week i ask one detroit Musician or some one connetion to the detroit music scene what you like dont like or cant stand. this all coming from a preson who like music.

This questionnaire is base on partly on the questionnaire of the TV show Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo where every week host James Lipton (a Native Detroiter must i ask) ask ten question to a famous actor or actress like What is your favorite curse word?, or What turns you on or the most drematic adswer If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Scary engouth.

but i would not use lipton questionnaire, i am useing the questionnaire From a segment the was used on the
Music Week on BBC 6 Music a few years ago and i am tring to think of four Music related question on my own.

So it you want to do a questionnaire you can E-mail the blog site at: and please put on the subject line: Rock City Questionnaire.

Now i know you asking it just ten question, yes i am doing that but there is some simple rules to the questionnaire:

First the Basic Rules:
ten question that is all.
there is No right or wrong andser it the First thing you can think of off the top of your head
and please what ever you do no personal Inslut or attack please it just a questionnaire i dont want it spead the NME to the uk music press, or the daily paper or the metrotimes, Just KEEP IT CLEAN!

the first nine question in the questionnaire are:

Who do you last see Live?
Who did you concert it could be recently or if you have been to a show in a long time because of work or school, i could be a good concert or worst a concert you hoped it would be good but turn out to be a sinker.

Who going to be big in the Next 12 Months?
orginale it was gooding to be who is going to be big this year but to ask that qusetion mid year with 5 months left would be a bad idea so i change it to who going to big in the next 12 months from the questionnaire begin publish, it could be a band from inside or outside the 313 or i could be a scene or a movment or a gimzo that could shape music.

What is the Worst album you ever Brought or owne?
well just as exsample Tanya Donelly first solo albume after Belly was so bad excpet for one or two song, just tell me the worst song that you ever brought a long time ago that is so bad at first listen or worst a ablum you like so long ago but you listen to it i sound like Crap.

Who are you sick of?
if you tried of Emo, or Boys group or a scene you cant stand it a good answer
and a famed Boxing ref Mills Lane would say: "I Allow it "

If you where a song what would you Be?
hey it better then "if you were a tree what you be?" it there writen a song for you what song that most desribe you.

What is on your stereo Right Now?
you made listen to some last night and and forgot to put it back and it still there you have to ask what is still stuck on you CD Player.

What is the best music monment you ever saw?
and what is the worst music monment you ever saw?
(it base on the Inside the Actors Studio questionnaire What sound or noise do you love? and What sound or noise do you hate? or What sound or noise do you love? or
What sound or noise do you hate? and What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? or What profession would you not like to do?)
they must be a rock monment that you like it you ever saw it live at the gig or On TV or a a in store it a good anwser?

who would like to play you in a biopic?
as it look like the rock n Roll biopic it coming back so i a alturnait unaversi who whold like to play you it they do a biopic on you.

So that the question that will be ask in the questionnaire so if you are dare to ask them.