Friday, July 21, 2006

Film Gudie Friday

it now time for Film Gudie Friday a look at all the new Films that are out there today in Detroit and we have some good ones opening up today.

"Lady in the Water"
yes M. Night Shyamalan is scarying the beguess out of us aging it boy meet girl form a story book in a pool and bad stuff began to happend

The Detroit News was scare up saying : M. Night Shyamalan's 'Water' is a refreshing fairy tale film(B)
The Detroit Free Press adding 'Lady in the Water' is a refreshing tale, Storytelling is the film's true subject(3 out of 4)
the Critics on was out there avg. (C)
Boston Globe: "There is a good chunk of Lady in the Water that is simply too well made and affectingly acted to dismiss as a mere exercise in arrogance."(B-)
E! Online: "This may be his most muddled, least satisfying flick to date, but it still has so much of that M. Night flavor..."(B-)
and there the not so good review
ReelViews: "This is the biggest misfire of M. Night Shyamalan's career..."(C-)
Hollywood Reporter: "A fairy-tale world exists inside the quotidian but most of the magic remain locked up inside writer-director M. Night Shyamalan's head." (C)
USA Today: "...someone needs to tell the beleaguered writer/director that it's looking like 'break time.'" (C)
to the just plan bad
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "...disastrous..." (D)
New York Post: "...a charmless, unscary, fatuous and largely incoherent fairy tale..." (D)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "It's a jaw-dropping catastrophe -- a picture so wrong-headedly intoxicated with itself you view it through an embarrassed haze." (F)

"Clerks II,"
12 year after the orginal Film at the quickey mart we catch up with dante,randell, and Jay and slinet bob
Now if you read that Joel Siegel hate the film and walk out it look like
the Free Press review and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer was mix with the film
Free Press: 'Clerks' guys grow older, stay crude, Dante, Randal attempt to grow up in "Clerks II"(2 out of 4)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "The attitude is older, maybe a tad sentimental, and as adolescent and reckless as ever."
but everone else like it
DN: 'Clerks II' is a brilliantly dumb rehash, This movie has both traits rolled into one, which will drive Kevin Smith fans crazy. (B-)
New York Times: "...what makes Clerks II both winning and (somewhat unexpectedly) moving is its fidelity to the original Clerks ethic of hanging out, talking trash and refusing all worldly ambition."(B+)
Hollywood Reporter: "Sequel to indie classic still glories in the grungy, pungent, raunchy aesthetic of its predecessor." (B)
Chicago Tribune: "...more sentimental and ruder than its predecessor, though its brand of raunch tends to curdle halfway out of the characters' mouths." (B-)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "A solid sequel after 12 years is a neat trick." (B)

"Monster House,"
it a Animation Famliy film about kids who think the House next doors is a Monster which is next doors to the Monster Hospail(Metric Song)
The News think it fun 'Monster House' plays on our childhood fears for fun (B-)
Free Press got scare with it saying Something sinister is afoot in 'Monster House'(3 out of 4 stars)
the yahoo Critics was all over the board:Avg (B)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "...this is a horror movie for kids with bite, heart and a poignant happy ending that is entirely earned and completely rewarding."(A-)
ReelViews: "There's enough action and mildly scary stuff to keep restless viewers involved, but the thing I appreciated most was the way in which the three friends interact." (B)
E! Online: "This house isn't a-rockin' and you needn't bother knockin'." (C+)
and this is a good bad reviews
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "I agree with the little girl down the row from me at a preview screening who said, 'Mommy, I don't want to be here.'"(D)

"My Super Ex-Girlfriend,"
it i ever get a girlfriend i better stay together because she may be a superhero as this film with the lovely Uma Thurman in it
the news really like it saying 'My Super Ex' unleashes wrath and laughs
A hapless guy falls victim to scorned girlfriend who happens to be G-Girl.(B-)
the free press really hate it saying So not super: Laughs land with thud(1 out of 4)
the yahoo review mostly agree avg :C
Chicago Tribune: "I laughed out loud once, at an utterly cheap shot at the expense of the state of Utah."(D)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Uma's super, the movie isn't."(C)
Hollywood Reporter: "Breaking up is hard to watch." (D)
but two did like it
E! Online: "There's no real insight into relationships, or superheroes for that matter, just a pleasant enough date movie for geeks--and the guys who love them."(B-)
ReelViews: "The ratio of successful comic moments to failed ones is pleasantly high..."(B-)

And now it time to see what new at the Movie theaher of the Damme this week AKA Cinemark Movies 16 at the unaversil Mail in Warren, MI

Well ladie and gentamen, i know what would be then watching this films, go Make some lasanga at home.
Holy Crap, the film that was release on 6-6-06 is a the dsicount theaher and in not even hollowenn yet.
and if you have not see X-Man serires please one and two before you see three

Next week in screen in detroit

The Ant Bully
After a 10-year-old boy terrorizes an ant hill in his yard, the tiny insects use a magic potion to shrink him down to their size.

John Tucker Must Die
When three high school girls find out they're dating the same guy, they enlist the new girl in town to even the score.

Miami Vice
Crockett (Colin Farrell) and Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) are undercover cops out to bring down a dangerous South Florida drug ring.

Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos
The true story of the team that brought Brazilian star Pele to the U.S. It shows the Cosmos' ascent set against the decadent, crime-ridden backdrop of 1970s New York, as well as its decline along with the North American Soccer League in the early 1980s.

Peaceful Warrior

An American student (Scarlett Johansson) pursues a nobleman (Hugh Jackman) who may be a killer. Directed by Woody Allen.

And before i put a short main post tonight
Here a tailer for Round 6 of a famose fighter


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