Saturday, July 22, 2006



A long time ago i post a video on the road as the Acoustic Folk duo the Ditty Bop when on tour in support of there New CD "MOON OVER THE FREEWAY" which came out on May 23rd they kick it off in L.A., and wine across the country nut this one was differce in stade of taking a tour bus from city to city they used a diffence mode of tranportation.

The Main members of the Ditty Bops Abby(the one that play gitar) and Amanda (the Lovely pretty tall one) make to the gig on tour on bicycle.

yes they are going from west coast to east coast on two wheel and a lot of pealing from LA to NYC.

The Last time i check on them was way back on June 1 as they go from Monterey to Santa Cruz fro m a short clip on my space and that all because of so much on my blog sight in cluding tastefest and gig here and there i have not been catching up with the lovely duo so i took this time out on my blog sight. to check out how the tour is going.

Here is the band stuck in a real bad traffc Jam

And here the girls riding in San Fransico

And now a long trip to Yuba Pass in Calforida

and yes they play in the magic Undetrground in Nevda

One there way to Austin,Texas they stop by a house party and it on there way to austin

Still in Nevada

After a little Juggling in Steamboat Springs

They Put on a show in the Middle of Nowhere

But it have not been easy

the Road is great from the bike

and a long road to the Next gig

Tonight the tour conution to Kansas City, MO Tommorrow Night

they will play three show in Michigan Bewten Aug. 12th to Aug 17th
Aug. 12 - Michigan Womyn's Festival in Walhalla, MI (In Nothen UP Michigan)
They goes on at 2 PM
Aug. 14 - Billy's Lounge in Grand Rapids, MI
Aug. 17 - The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI

to find out more of there tips log on to there blog sight at
to find out more about the band go to:
you can get there lattes CD Moon over the Freeway out now at you local Indie record store also out is there 2004 self-title Debut also out Now


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