Saturday, July 22, 2006

Less then 49 Days
to the Dally in the Ally

Sorry for no full report today i woke up late aging 11:30 AM when to the CVS to by today detroit News and Free press and i was doing the Chat room for Steve Lamacq end of the Week new single review Show Round table (Friday 1-2 PM, he was join by Don Letts, John Aizlewood and Matthew Greener from Morning Runner, oh by the way Badly Drawn Boy - Born In The U.K beat out Metric - Monster Hospital for best review new single.

as i start out to do a short report but i was following a
live car chase around hoston which was first report on MSNBC it last almost two hours
so i have to go to a play tonight so i have no time to do one

So all the report is cut and copy there will be a full one on Monday.

and by the way it you have the time please go to and listen to the Finalest in the Detroit News Sonic Summer battle of the Band Contest their is 20 band rhat need your votes(see the list of band Below) voting will take place untill 11:59 PM on Monday, the Final nine and where their playing in the Semi-Final gig will be up in the Wednesday, July 26 Detroit News in print and on line at

the 20 bands are

The Red Rocks
The Sunday Painters
The Prime Ministers
The Regulators
Tone And Niche
The Tom Diaz Band
Search Party
Pillar Of Autumn
Laith Al-Saadi
Little Black Book
Jae Stevens Live
Free Element
Every Last Day
Cocktail Shake
Bright Black
Cobalt Party Revolution
Angela High
Auto Pilot

The Semi-final Gigs
Majestic Theatre-Friday, August 4th
Magic Bag-Thursday, August 10th
Clutch Cargo's-Thursday, August 24th

The Big Gig Final

Sept. 1st
Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats festival in Pontiac

and most of the indie News are all from my close sourced off the web
Source listed under ( )

After tackling pre-WWII American music and history on 2005's Transistor Radio, M. Ward has fast forwarded to the present, touching on modern-day issues on the upcoming Post-War, due August 22 via Merge.
The Mike Mogis/Adam Selzer-produced album, which Ward (who grabs a production credit as well) claims to be his "first band record" according to a press release, features guest spots from Neko Case and My Morning Jacket's Jim James, as well as backup from former Decemberist Rachel Blumberg and former Thermal Jordan Hudson, a pair he has been on the road with over the past 18 months.

In an interview with, Ward explained that the work's theme was assisted by his perusal of Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises and Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five: "Something that I think about is what is going to happen in the country once these soldiers come home -- what happens to these families that have been broken up," he said. "I like the way these kind of novels had addressed the 'coming home.'"

Post-War's 12 songs include a "rollicking honky tonk" (again, the press!) take on Daniel Johnston's "To Go Home", and the CD will also include the video for "Chinese Translation"


01 Poison Cup
02 To Go Home
03 Right in the Head
04 Post-War
05 Requiem
06 Chinese Translation
07 Eyes on the Prize
08 Magic Trick
09 Neptune's Net
10 Rollercoaster
11 Today's Undertaking
12 Afterword/Rag

For a D&D enthusiast, Owen Pallett sure gets out a lot. For this year's He Poos Clouds, he was recently nominated for Canada's Polaris Music Prize, and he's been otherwise busy touring as Final Fantasy and adding strings to the new Arcade Fire album. And he just keeps going.

Pallett is riding out the summer in style with a ton of recently added dates to his tour itinerary. Bring your 12-sided die, because it's unlikely he's been able to get any play in with such a busy schedule.

The new Decemberists album has arrived! The Crane Wife (due out October 3 on Capitol) was delivered to the Pitchfork office encased in a satin pillowcase resting in the arms of a fair-haired princess riding a black stallion. And it isn't just any old promo CD, oh no. It's made of pure gold.

Once we sent the maiden and the horse away, we settled down with this here tracklist:

01 The Crane Wife 3
02 The Island:
Come and See
The Landlord's Daughter
You'll Not Feel the Drowning
03 Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)
04 O Valencia!
05 The Perfect Crime #2
06 When the War Came
07 Shankill Butchers
08 Summersong
09 The Crane Wife 1 & 2
10 Sons and Daughters

Singer/songwriter Laura Veirs duets with Colin Meloy on the Civil War ballad "Yankee Bayonet", Sun City Girls associate Eyvind Kang contributed violin parts, and co-producer Chris Walla (of Death Cab for Cutie) "sang a bunch and did some keyboard-y bits throughout," according to Meloy.

Good ship Decemberists will set sail this October for a North American tour in support of the album, and we've got the itinerary all for you right here.

And yes there is a detroit date
11-07 Pontiac, MI - Clutch Cargo

Are you now or have you ever been a friend of P? If so, not only does that mean you're automatically friends with me, it also reasons to figure that you might be interested that the newly reformed Rentals are headed out on a North American tour, starting tomorrow night in San Francisco.

As previously reported, former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp is taking his synth pop project out of the mothballs, on to the road, and into the studio for an upcoming third album. While the band's website muses that the album is "likely to be completed and ready for release in 2007," the tour dates are ready for the here and now.

Don't let the website's awkward HTML-for-beginners appearance scare you off, either; besides hosting the official video clip-heavy archive of a band that released only two albums, the website also offers a Rentals remix of Tegan and Sara's "Walking with a Ghost." First the White Stripes cover the song and now the Rentals remix it, proving that ghosts have officially replaced zombies as this season's official "it" ghoul.

the Flaming Lips are now battling the pink Goldfrapp. Wayne and the boys recently remixed the British electro-house duo's track "Satin Chic", available as a digital download on August 14 and as a limited edition 7" picture disc on September 4 on Mute in the UK.

Titled Satin Boys, Flaming Chic, the 7" also features a Goldfrapp remix of the Ordinary Boys' "Boys Will Be Boys", plus some truly scary cover artwork (see above).

In turn, Goldfrapp remixed the Flaming Lips single "The W.A.N.D." ("Supernaturalistic Goldfrapp Remix"), was released in the UK on July 17.

In talking to NME about the remix experience, Wayne Coyne chose some really obscure references: "I believe we veered towards a Nina Simone meets Radiohead kind of mood."

The bands are donning their disco hotpants and rabbit suits, respectively, as they continue playing various dates in the UK and elsewhere. Since we last reported, the Flaming Lips have added a bunch of shows, probably ‘cause they wanted to get more use out of that mirrorball. Their performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday will be filmed for a possible DVD release.

Joe Lally, bassist for Fugazi, the seminal post-hardcore band that announced its indefinite hiatus in 2003, is releasing There To Here on Dischord. The solo album, slated for an October 9 release, was recorded at Inner Ear Studios by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara and at the Dischord House by MacKaye. MacKaye, Fugazi's guitarist, also contributed on the album, as did Fugazi member Guy Picciotto. Other artists Lally worked with include Jason Kourkounis (Hot Snakes, Delta 72), Jerry Busher (French Toast), Danny Frankel (K.D. Lang), Eddie Janney (Rites Of Spring, One Last Wish), Amy Farina (the Evens), Scott "Wino" Weinrich (Spirit Caravan, Hidden Hand) and Antonia Tricarico.

Dischord says that the album features "Lally's spare and direct bass compositions." Lally will also tour with Antelope in the fall. Regardless of Fugazi's extended time-out, every member but drummer Brendan Canty contributed to the album. This begs the question: how much of a "hiatus" are we talking about?

Tracklist For There To Here:
01. Reason To Believe
02. The Resigned
03. Sons And Daughters
04. Like A Baby
05. Lidia's Song
06. Billiards
07. X-ray The Lullaby
08. There To Here
09. Pick A War
10. Message From Earth
11. Factory Warranty
12. Perforated Line
13. All Must Pay

and there two Michigan Dates
09/17 - Grand Rapids, MI - Division Avenue Arts Collective
09/18 - Detroit, MI - Bohemian National Home
Both with Antelope opening

In celebration of 30 years of selling Jamaican imports, D.I.Y. post-punk and just about anything else a discerning music snob could possibly desire, Rough Trade is releasing a compilation September 25 of songs selected by some of their famous fans. Jarvis Cocker, Bjork and Thurston Moore are among artists who curated tracks for The Record Shop - 30 Years Of Rough Trade Shops. Included on the two-disc set are works by Bikini Kill, the Mekons, LCD Soundsystem, Matmos and Swell Maps.

Tracklist For The Record Shop - 30 Years Of Rough Trade:

Disc One:
01. Pablo Picasso - The Modern Lovers [Paul Smith]*
02. Read About Seymour - Swell Maps [Laurence Bell]
03. Hedi's Head - Kleenex [Mark Moore]
04. I Can't Stand My Baby - The Rezillos [Seymour Stein]
05. Zerox - Adam And The Ants [Youth]
06. Persian Love - Holger Czukay [Don Letts]
07. Kill - The Mekons [Ana Da Silva]
08. I Wanna Destroy You - The Soft Boys [Derek Pringle]
09. Track 1, Side 1 - Boyd Rice [Daniel Miller]
10. Work - The Blue Orchids [Stewart Lee]
11. Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa And The Soul Sonic Force [Geoff Travis]
12. Night After Night - Mighty Mighty [Tarquin Gotch]
13. His Old Look - Bongwater [Jon Savage]
14. The Power Of Lard - Lard [Erol Alkan]
15. Here Comes Your Man - Pixies [Luella Bartley]

Disc Two:
01. Island Hopping - Joe Strummer [Luce Mellor]
02. Pillow Case Kisser - Skinned Teen [Thurston Moore]
03. Capri Pants - Bikini Kill [Gary Walker]
04. Belly Up - Stock, Hausen And Walkman [Jarvis Cocker]
05. Simple Headphone Mind - Stereolab & Nurse With Wound [Michel Gaubert]
06. At First She Starts - Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight [Peter Christopherson]
07. In The Evening (It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best) - Karen Dalton [Jeff Barrett]
08. Yakermo Sew - Mulatu Astatke [David Adjaye]
09. Stupid Fambaloo - Matmos [Bjork]
10. Sailors Board Me Now - The Frogs [Savage Pencil]
11. The Light 3000 - Schneider TM vs Kpt. Michigan [James Murphy]
12. No Depression In Heaven - The Carter Family [Bobby Gillespie]
13. O How She Dances - James Luther Dickinson [Sean Rowley]
14. Where Is The Line - Bjork [Richard Russell]
15. Losing My Edge - LCD Soundsystem [Spazom]

* bracketed name indicates who selected the track

Well fancy that. The French Kicks are from New York, but are European in their title, while Phoenix is actually from France, but is named after a US city. Or, eh, the mythical bird. Either way, the two indie pop bands are going on tour together this August before the Kicks split for a brief headlining jaunt.

Phoenix is supporting their LP, It's Never Been Like That, which they released this past May on Astralwerks, while the French Kicks will be touring behind their latest album, Two Thousand, which was released earlier this month on Drag City/StarTime International.

They kick off the tour in Detroit
07/26 - Detroit, MI - The Magic Stick

We hadn’t heard the rumor that the White Stripes could be over, but apparently this is a thing. Jack has been spending an awful lot of time with his new friends and bandmates the Raconteurs, with whom he apparently plans to release another record before focusing on the next White Stripes album.

But White claims his love for the Stripes is still true. “I’ve heard assumptions that I’m bored with the White Stripes” he reportedly said, “or that it’s not fulfilling me, which is very much not true … and I would definitely admit if that was the case.” We guess it’s worth worrying, what with Meg busy posing for Marc Jacobs and … being Meg somewhere, and Jack all married and living in Nashville, those two might not have enough time together to keep the flame alive. But after raising five beautiful records you’d think they’d find a way to make it work. Jack, don’t throw it all away on an exciting fling with a bunch of rock boys, these things never last.

This summer's Internet marketing sensation/blockbuster, Snakes on a Plane, will not be screened for critics, New Line Cinema announced this week. While some might speculate that the studio worried about reviewers pulling a Joel Siegel, New Line insisted the decision was based on letting the fans -- the ones who blogged incessantly about the film for months -- make their own decisions about the flick. "Understanding that fans would be the driving force behind the film, we decided early on they should be the first to see it," the studio said in a statement. Fans of the flick will get to see if Snakes on a Plane, which stars Samuel L. Jackson, really lives up to the hype on Aug. 18 when the film is released in theaters across the country.

The weather for the weekend
Considerable clouds early. Some decrease in clouds later in the day.
Hi - 79°
Sunshine along with some cloudy intervals
Hi - 81°
A few clouds
Hi - 85°


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