Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dispatch From tastefest
Day 2
Saturday, July 1st

Well it was day two of the Comerica Tastefest in the New Center area at W. Grand Blvd. and Second St. and yet aging oh yes yet aging for the second day in a row in had trouble geting out of the house and i cost me a gig and almost cost me a gig as well i left HQ at at about 4;30 And geting to the gig before 5 PM made a stop at the CVS on woodward near Lothoup St. to get today News and Free Press talk about the Same thing (GM's largest individual shareholder urged France's Renault and Japan's Nissan Motor Co. to buy a significant stake in the automaker to form a three-way global alliance.) when i got out there was a impom to rap sesstion across woodward at a saloon in between a party store and a Chiness restrant.

Knowing i miss Loretta and the Larkspurs at 4 PM i walk behied the Pure Detroit Second Street local Stage and Then i walk into the most worst case possable for anyone looking at a show at that stage the Second Street wind tunnel, For those of you who have not been to tastefest in a Long, Long While if ever been to that stage it look like that stage get a big gust of wind coming from the North and blowing you all over hey it not that fun but it help the bands get to cool off on a Hot Day and it was very nice today about town so i walk around the area to the main Stage where Cat Power was about to play at the main stage, Her backing band The Memphis Rhythm Band came by 5:40 The Memphis Rhythm Band with the bluesy sound and ten mintues Later Cat Power came purring around the stage, She play a ver cool set to a very good crowd at the main stage performing bearfoot as she turn out his from her 7th alblum “The Greatest” as she look so cool up there and at ease with her self not begin while she was playing there the skate board area was beging turn around for a small track for the Detroit Durby Girls as there was doing there Exbition for there season that will begin in a few week, and it was kind of cool seeing roller girls going half speed on hard ground (they used a hard flood) and seeing cat power on the main stage on the other hand, near the end of her set she joke see want to see some of that skatingboarding action.

After she was done on the main stage a good crowd was gather at the main stage to get her autogrape i was kind of rare at taste fest normanl the main stage act would be in the back chilling out and resting back stage but she came out a met her pulblic as she sing autograph for a good 15 mintues when i was there adn then one thing happend because i let her my sharpe (which i bring to just as back up if ny pen fail) and what was going to be one autograph turn out to be 10 autograph she sing ever thing from CD to vinly to t-shirt to a cell phone (i Did not make this up) to beer can, so she autograph the program and i thank her for a good show and then she gave me a friendly kiss on the check which surrprize me a fan who i my sharpe

Then after that i went to see a friend at the Northen Lights Lounge and when to see the one and only Demolition Doll Rods with there new Drummer Tia(Did not get her last name, sorry) Margaret and Danny doll rod show to play some of the good old school rock and roll with a hard driving 70's Twist and with a lot of people doing the hola hope.

After there set i went back to the main stage and to see the one and only Ray Davies over at the main stage now her was very good at the main stage as he have a good old time at the main stage in front of more people that was there for cat power set which is amazing.

I have to go back to the park stage to see the rest of Hard Lessions set which always a good show as they to show to prove why there the best live band in Detroit Post - Jack White Scene as they play tracks off there debut CD gasuline and the just release EP "Wise Up" i was a good show as night two came to a end over at taste as there go to Half way there to go at taste fest.

And a little bit of a culture city news note in the Indoor Gig Gudie and if you are at tastefest you might want to tivo itb or tape it on VCR.

PBS Great Performances yes that show on PBS will show a live(on Tape) of the season Finaly of A Prairie Home Companion Independence Day Special, Hosted by the one and only Garrison Keillor with special Guest Meryl Streep.

This is a very good show aired ever saturday at 6 PM on the only sation in the SE Michigan area
WUOM-FM the sepcial on PBS will aired tonight at 9PM on WTVS-TV (Detroit Public TV) and on WFUM-TV (Filnt) and truh out the week, Check Local Listing

you can also listen to the show at there very good websight at:

And you can see the movie version at theather everwhere

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