Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Due to a tech giltch the Day three from tastefest was missing some how so to fit what happend in Day four I put the Day three and Four in this post

Dispatch from TasteFest
Day Four
Monday, July 3

Today was the Beginning of day Four of tastefest and it began on a bad foot before i went to tastefest something bad happend my report on things that happend on sunday was eat up big time, so i was left with the angon with no report befor i go to taste Fest and begin Emberest so i left the house at about 4 PM and and got there about 90 mintues later i went into New Center one and pick up anoder Small magizine program so i walk around to the park stage and met up with Metrotimes Techno Writer Walter Wasacz and talk about what happen to england at the world cup whild listen to DJ Master CARLOS SOUFFRONT, after that i walk around for a little bit and stop by the Channel 7 (WXYZ) News van where there was people on today big story in Detroit The Retirement of Steve Yzerman as a detroit red wings after almost 22 years , 18 of those as a captin of the of the wing wheel after that i just hang out for a few at the Northen Lights Lounge to watch channel four covage of the same story but there was four bands i want to see today and i got to see part or all of there set today.

The Frist band was iterduce by Ex-WDET DJ and sometime fill in DJ Willie Wilson it was the winner of this year detroiit News Battle of the bands The red Rocks they play to a good side crowd before before the main Headliner The Kings of Leno they play a good set for the dinner time crowd durring that i watch skeatboarder on the mini skeatpark tried to jump over a seven foot high bar and i walk back to the park stage to see a band i also saw at the same Battle of the bands and are reminding me of a young Von Bondies fresh out of high shcool from Grosse Pointe From which Groose Point i dont want to begin to anwsure that.

Alex,Ellen,Hank,and Maria play a very good set of Monder Garage rock with a ode to the past to the old bands of yesterday Like Velvet Underground, Patti Smith, Television and the Stooges ever thing was good about there set was so good there was the coolest looking band in the area as they emerge as the first good band in the post-Jack White era.

They i went back to the main stage to see the Tale end of the kings of Leno set at the main stage they were OK in this set the lead singer may have a shorthair do i could not tell from the back (That were i see all show from the back) and after that set i went back to the park stage to see the reat of Payback set as the band play there hard chagrge set as there lead singer belt out songs from there two CD and play all news stuff from there fortcoming 3rd CD "Love, Not Reason" as there return for there encore one of the songs was Black Girl and let a nice dress looking woman to dance on stage.

so i got home from the home Office after tastefest i went to see a band who was not playing the Festival but they play a gig anyway at the belmont there call Dirty Lenin and they descibe themself as Sexy Party Alterna-Pop from Brooklyn, New York as they play track from there CD 2% Faster it was a good show put on by the young band as they go on there short tour to the midwest i was going to go home But it rian during the show inside so i have to was about a half a hour untill it clear so it clear and i go home for the night with one night to go.

Dispatch from TasteFest
Day Three
Sunday, July 2

I am geting very sleepy very,very sleepy the two days at tatse fest and writing about this on the blog is begin to where on me and it show yesterday after last night good day of music it have a affect on me today at tastefest.

i was on my way when i got a ride from a friend and i think i came a little too early i came at the gig at 4 PM and i saw about 10 mintues of the first band of the day the Surf band the breakers as they play as the Pure Detroit Local Stage so i walk around from the area and then i walfk to the Northen light Lounge which is just south to read the Sunday Free Press, So i got back to the tastefest area and saw some Punk Fittness Expo and i saw the first abnd of the day it was the Mellow Rock Band The Breakers by there sound put me to sleep leaterly as i almost Fell a sleep a few times the guy who was producing the partk stage Stirling think i fell a sleep which i did not afthr i was woke up with a couple of Free Salpme of the New Furit Drink From Starbucks which Open up a new location at Woodward and Mack on July 19th.

I came back to the park stage and saw the first few set of SSM the first Detroit Supergroup with Members or Former Members The Henchmen (John Szymanski), The Sights(Dave Shettler)and the Cyril Lords(Marty Morris) i stick around for the First few song because i left about 8:25 to see the band that i want to see since they annouced the Tastefest Schuled in Late April, The New Pornographers and they play a awsome set with salot of song from all three CD "Mass Romantic","Electric Version", and there current well receied CD Twin Cinema they play song like "The Laws Have Changed", "Use It", "Sing Me Spanish Techno" and for there encore they play "Letter From An Occupant" and the back up singer for Neco Case (Who was on tour in surrport of her latest solo alblum "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood")Kathryn Calder was so good in the Neco role and she have a good voice that almost sound like Neco(and a plug for her other band that she in the Immaculate Machine is playing on July 12 at the Stick) afher me and other diehard fans of the band hang out to meet the band and after i did that i saw the last song from the sight with have a bunch of friend on stage like the Decks, the Moldoons and other bands was up on stage as day two came to a close with a good day to come tommorrow (July 3rd).

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