Friday, July 07, 2006

It Came from the Late Night Music Club From Culture City

If you Notice from my last full post on tuesday i did not put a music Video on the post Because i decied to put the video here late at night i am calling it, It came from the Late Night Music Club From Culture City the little some thing after you come home a little post Thread to say good night or Good Morning how are you today it could be a video of a event or could some thing from a list or some i just put up there for no reson what so ever.

Tonight and for the rest of the month of July the LNMC from culture city will hounre the long running pop music show top of the pop the show have been on for 42 year after geting it start at a reuse church in Manchester, England at one point in the 1970 the show have about almost 19 millions viewers in it hey day, but the changing land scaped of music from MTV, internet, to MP3 to the ipod over the year have made the show hard to watch in a 750 channel world and at the time the BBC anniunce just 3 weeks ago it was canncell the show it was hovering around 1 millions viewers.

So for the rest of the month untill that final show on July 30 the LNMC will show some of the most memable monmets from the show history.

Tonight in the late night Music club from 1991 Nirvana live on TOTP and in one of those Crazy moment almost 14 years before the kasrie Cheif Start a roit The band Fronted by the late Kurt Cobain sang the band smell like teen sprirt with Cobain loweing his vocie and then all of a sudden the kids rush the stage some thaat is still take about today.


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