Monday, October 09, 2006

Breaking "Local TV" Culture News

Yes you heard me whight my Friends

Beaking TV News From Culture City, as the Detroit Free Press report on there web sight today that Frank Turner the anchor preson for the station Hour-Long 5 PM and 7 PM Half-hour newscast on WXYZ-TV(ABC-7)is leaving the Station.

In a Joint statment with he and the Station Turner said While it is a bittersweet moment to see my tenure at Channel 7 come to an end, I am excited and thrilled to answer my call to ministry which can no longer be resisted or denied. I am, therefore, assuming the leadership of God’s Amazing Grace Ministries as a full-time pastor, evangelist and Bible teacher.”

"We understand that Frank’s decision to leave Channel 7 to pursue his ministry on a full-time basis is the result of careful thought and consideration," said Grace Gilchrist, Vice President and General Manager at Channel 7. "All of his colleagues at Broadcast House wish him success."

He been in a high profile job dispute with the station as he want to do anchor the news at Ch.7 and host a daytime radio show on WEXL-AM (1340) but but he was not aloud be cause his station exclusivity clauses in his contract that prohibit such activity.

Turner filed a suit in April that contends the exclusivity clause is discriminatory.

He also sought a temporary court order to circumvent the clause, a request the court rejected on July 6.

this will like end his TV career his first TV Stint at CH.7 ended after the high-profile phone-sex scandal He Change his life around and found Christianity and was hired back in 2000.

They will named his replacedment in Mid-December.

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