Monday, October 09, 2006

Today News Round- Up From indie World Outside the 313

And if your a big time indie music Fan and do a blog site today was not a good day

*Early this Morning it was reported that Tower Records the domait Music store is going out of Bisness after falling to come out of Bankrupic for the 2nd time in Less than three years, there Assist went for $134.1 Million to "The Great American Group" after a 29-hour auction it outbid The company outbid Albany, N.Y.-based retailer Trans World Entertainment(hwo owned FYE records) by a mere $500,000.

An internal e-mail to employees from Tower CEO Joseph D'Amico said the company's Web operation,, its label 33rd Street Records and its real estate holdings were sold separately, D'Amico -- a bankruptcy specialist who succeeded outgoing CEO Allen Rodriguez in July -- said in his message, "My heart goes out to each of you who have poured your hearts and souls into this great company."

They will begin there going out of Bizness sale Saturday at all 89 tower Store, which will leave almost 3,000 worker at tower Jobless

* And you think that was bad this one is Worse for any of you who put video on you tube on your blog site like this one, That Google have Scoop up you tube for $1.65 billion, The Most popuar on-line Video site which most of the video on this site come from you tube was not up for sale but with this sale what will this mean to blogger like myself who used video for this site, Stay tune.

* The Closing of tower and the bying of you tube come on the Same week as the Legond NYC Club CBGB is closing down on the same site 315 Bowery for the last 33 years and the last week is total sold out with One-time Detroit Patty smith as the Headliners on the last week ever

The Last week at CBGB

Monday, October 9:
Bad Brains, Avail, McRAD, Dub Trio

Tuesday, October 10:
Bad Brains, Bouncing Souls, The Mob

Wednesday, October 11:
Bad Brains, Underdog, Stimulators

Wednesday, October 12:
The Losers Lounge Tribute to the Talking Heads

Friday, October 13:
The Dictators, Sic F*cks, Bullys

Saturday, October 14:
The Dictators, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein (acoustic set)

Sunday, October 15:
Patti Smith

* And if you was hopeing for the new
Modest Mouse album "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank" you made want to hold off on it as in a press released they have push back the released date from December 19 to "early 2007,", but there afr doing show with a four Night stand LA at three diffence Venue and a five night stand at Four Venue in November.

* And By the if you follow the New anti-Grammy which is the
PLUG Independent Music Awards will take place in NYC on February 10, 2007 the awards are slipt between two types: "music" (album, artist, song, festival of the year, etc.) and "independent media" (music zine, blog, journalist, magazine, website of the year) .

Nominees are selected by the mysterious
PLUG Cartel and the winners will be select by the fans them self, to hype thing up this years PLUG is also reaching out to local scenes across the country with the help of JELLYNYC, the collective responsible for the recent McCarren Park pool gigs in Brooklyn. Together they'll host shows featuring local talent at a number of U.S. cities. PLUG and JELLYNYC have two events lined up, the first goes down in Miami on October 20, and the second will hit in Brooklyn, New York on November 17. Look for more PLUG event in Detroit the near future.

* And you be happy to know that the band
Sebadoh will be back with there Classic Line-up (Low Barlow, Eric Gaffney, and Jason Loewenstein)Barlow writes, "Sebadoh Classic will be touring this spring 2/25/07 → 4/07. Sebadoh Classic = Gaffney-era... III → Bubble and Scrape. Eric, Jason, and I will be heading out together..." That's about all Barlow lets on, but those dates are just specific enough for us to buy it. However, he immediately goes on to say, "then the new Dinosaur album will be out... and then... and then... we'll see..."

And we like to welcome two new links to the Culture City blog both indie radio Station

First is a local 24/7 Station base out of Novi call "Auralgasms Radio" the station play the best and what great about it under-appreciated artists in the Dreampop, Trip hop, Brit pop, Shoegaze, Electronica, Alternative Classics, they do play Request but there is some limets incluing three Request on all Request Monday.

But there is the special Show on the station like Aural Bliss a show with the Spirt of the old Radio show Big Sonic Heaven, it is hosteed by Kate (Or better hnow as DJ K8, Who is also from the Band Ether Aura) and Yourgasms that is one hour of a show that program by you, if you want to know more go to

and Radio no.2 is Radio station KCMP 89.3FM in Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN, it play all kind of music that WDET-FM used to play during the day, it most recent play list inclued Ray Davies,The Knife, My Brightest Diamond, Paul Westerberg, Arab Strap, and Lily Allen

and fotr fans of the (If rumors are ture) On- Haits ex-midday host Barb Abney is a host doing Mid-Day on the station Nickname "the Current"

More info at:

You Find this and many more Links at you left of this page or E-mail any new links i may or may not like a:

you can also send News tips, amd nay live show you have seen lately.

* and to our Canadain Friend we like to say Happy Thankgiving Canada.

Good Night and Good Luck

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