Monday, October 09, 2006

The Local Music News weekend in Detroit

Well next to one bad night to begin the Week end and the rest fell right into placed, it was a ver good weekend in Detroit Rock City (Next to the Word that Radio Ferve have been can by 20th in the Rating WKRK-FM) and S.S.M. Put on a very good rock show Friday Night at the New Dodge. was some news i over heard or they told me For This Blog sight so here we go with new Note From Around Culture City.

* Last Night after Watching the Lions Stinking up a Anudor one Blowing a 17-3 lead to lose in Minnesota, i had to get out of the House once aging to go to the Blemont for to see a free show which is Begin shot for Discover Networks TLC Docament about Parenting, so you are asking what have this do about music, well it about Pranet that are not the normal of your average parents and one of the Family are the Muller Family, who are the Rock and roll Family, Dad played for the Orbitson (Who is lead singer is Vinne Dumbrowski of Spunge and Crud) , The Mom Running Punk Rock Fittness, and the Two boys rocking out the Display, so they did a lot of fliming last Night at the Belmont it was the Orbitison, The Display, and a Brand New Band with the Same two boys from the Display and Hunter Mulldon(Of the Mulldons) on Drums and there Called "The Smashing Windows"( and they played some good Stuff as well all three bands were Great, The Doc will aired on TLC in the Spring of 2007 and when it aired for the First time will let you know.

* Also Hunter Muldoon also told me the will be playing two shows on November 18th with The Hentchmen as part of the what there calling it The Hentchmen Double Header with a show at 5 PM and a show at 9 PM with The Capitol Cities added to the Bill, also he told me that the Muldoons will be putting out a a Christmas 45 single just in time for X-mas as we race to the last two months of 2006 begin day after the GOP go Down big Time November 7.

* And speaking about gigs, Also at the TLC band taping i was hand a flyer for a list of event at Corktown Tavern (Just 3 blocks West of the Lager House and next Old Tigers Stadium at 1716 Michigan Avenue) and the preson who gave me the Flyer told about NEGATIVE APPROACH APPRECIATION NIGHT on Thursday,October 26, Now for those who don't know about the band Negative Approach there was a local hardcore punk who was the First to showcase the Hardcore punk scene to a unsepction public that pave the way for outer bands Minor Threat, Bad Brains and Black Flag., the Night will also have video of a live set of there gig at the Recent Touch & Go's 25th Anniversary show on September 9th, also it will have video of NA's last ever show at the Now defunct Gravestone Ballroom on Broadway.

The Night will also feather Perview of Upcoming DVD Released of Fair Warning Vol. 2 DVD, Fair Warning Vol. 1 will also be on sale. and it will have a live band at the Event Death In Custody,
For More info you can call 313-964-5103

*and Finally one band New note from one of my moles From the DMV band name Changes division, My turut mole told me that the Band Fifth Period Fever ( will Change it Name in the Further What will there names will be it don't know, but the same mole told me that Noelle Christine will be a new member of this band she is on the indie sideline because her other band Na$hinal Debt is on Hiatus because Johnny Nash is touring with the Eletrict 6.

* And Don't For Get Friends were less than Three week away until the debut of the History of the Detroit Rock scene of the late 90's the First half of the of 2000 will be shown in the Documentary It Came from Detroit, a new feature length documentary exploring the raw energy of bands such as The Detroit Cobras, The Henchmen and Electric Six. The film chronicles the evolution of the Detroit garage scene from underground obscurity to rock and roll renaissance. The night will begin with a performance by The Dirtbombs at 6:30 in Rivera Court (free with museum admission), followed by the film screening at 8:00pm in the DFT. Immediately after the screening, The Witches and Outrageous Cherry will close the evening with more live Detroit rock on the DFT stage. Tickets for the theater portion of this special event are $10.

you Can get your ticket By
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