Friday, August 10, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock with a heavy heart

Today News post is kind of a sad one for any one who follow music and this include music from the UK.

As the Editor of this Local indie music blog Sight, it is my sad duty to report tonight that Anthony Howard Wilson Owner of Factory Records, radio and TV show host, nightclub manager, promoter and Newsman have pass away tonight in a hospital in Manchester, England at the age of 57.

Tony have been battling kidney cancer, which he was diagnosed last year which he public reveal early this year, He had his kidney remove and had undergone chemotherapy for the cancer, at the time of his death, he was being treated with the life-prolonging drug called Sutent.

A spokesman for the hospital said in a statement to the UK News press: "Tony Wilson died peacefully at the Christie Hospital at 6.05pm[1:05 PM Detroit time] this evening with his family by his bedside.

"Tony was a very great supporter of the Christie and this is extremely sad news.

"We would like to extend our sympathy to Tony's family."

Tony Wilson Carred stared back in in the 1970 with when he was a TV host for Granada Television in Manchester, hosting current affairs magazine "World In Action" and the late night music show "So It Goes" which was the first outlet to show punk music and it was the 1st show anywhere to show the Sex Pistols on UK TV.

he was also the Ancocrd of there Early Evening News program Granada Reports[Just think FOX 2 News at 6, Local 4 News at 6 PM, and Ch.7 Action News at 6 PM, but in Manchester]

but his biggest mark on his Life was Factory Records founed in the late 1970's with an unemployed actor and band manager Alan Erasmus, during that time he released some of the biggest bands during the post punk era which include bands like Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays as well as other smaller less know bands like A Certain Ratio, Durutti Column, the Stockholm Monsters, ESG, the Wake, and Section 25

her also start a nightclub called the "The Ha├žienda" and it was mostly bankroll by label Factory Records and New Order, it was a place to show case "Factory Records" bands and a lot of dance night it was the best Nightclub in the world but it have trouble keeping it afloat 10,000 pound a months to keep it going.

The record company when bankruptcy in November 1992, five years later in 1997 "The Ha├žienda" close for good

in his later years he set up the UK version of the SXSW festival which is called "In The City" with long-time Girl-friend Yvette Livesey.

His life story is told in the very wonderful 2002 film "24 Hour Party People" which is directed by Michael Winterbottom and star Steve Coogan as tony Wilson, it is out on DVD and i highly recommend it.

In tribute to the great man where going to play video from you tube
relate to tony Wilson

Long Live Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson
Documentary 2002

Tony Wilson
Interview From 1988

Joy Division
Granada Reports

Joy Division
Love will tear us apart

New Order
Blue Monday

Happy Mondays
Step On

Happy Mondays
24 Hour Party People

Joy Division

New Order
Here to stay[From 24 Hours Party People]

Tony is Now in a better place


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