Monday, August 06, 2007

Live From Culture City

This Week, Live from Culture City

is one of the best bands going in Canada right now, but because of some major visa issued with one key members crossing the border will not play aging until 2011.

It the Vancouver-base dance band You Say Party! We Say Die!, the five piece coed dance punk band was form in 2004 and became a instant hit with fans in and around the Vancouver area for there live and fun live gigs.

They released there first album a year later called Hit the Floor! which spawn up hits like"The Gap (Between the Rich and the Poor)" and "Stockholm Syndrome", the band have began to build up a folling on indie radio and played the SXSW festival.

But in late 2006 there were going to tour the west coast of the U.S.A., the band were Denied entry to the U.S. they did not have the proper visas to be able to perform in the United States and worst bass player Stephen O'Shea lied one few many time get into the US and the US government barred him from performing in the United States for five years, so the earliest the band could come back to the US is April 2011, Ouch.

So us us Fans are denied of see the best dance punk band to fill the void since the Break-up of "Pretty Girls Make Graves".

The band is about to released there second Album on August 18 called "Lose All Time" on the Toronto base Paper bag records which fether the song "Downtown Mayors Goodnight, Alley Kids Rule!" which reach No.1 on the CBC Radio 3 "R3-30 back in early June

So the concert [witch is from] was hell on May 25

So live from Culture City

It "You Say Party! We Say Die!"

And one more note, this weekend was my birthday, which i turn 34 years old and at this time last year i spead a quite birthday [Just like this year] at home doing the blog sight and listen to a live concert for the late great "Sleater-Kinney" that was on aired live on my birthday.

we last night as i was watching Countdown with Keith Oberiman i listen to the who show aging on the web page, and if you want to listen to it aging here the link to it

Sleater-Kinney in Concert[August 3rd, 2006]

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