Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock[With a little bit of your New Fave Band]

and when CBC radio 3 [} debut it revamp website in November 2005 in conjunction with the launch of the CBC Radio 3 Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio [Still on Channel 93] and they debut there radio 3 blog on everything happening in Canadian music including New bands From Canada.

and the 2nd new Canadian band profile on the blog which was called THE DAILY PRESCRIPTION was a band from Halifax[Home of Sloan] called
"Dog Day" a coed band who just released there self title EP.

Now, I have been blame to likeing a band because there some rocking girls in the band, i did listen to the band and they where pretty good sounding band and saw some of there videos and really like the band.

Well i check today and today Artist of the Day almost two years after they got introduce to indie Canadian music and this listen in Detroit was
"Dog Day".

The band was from in 2003 by members of the of various bands around the Halifax NS area other than there Dog Day EP, the band also released a audio tape EP and the Oh Dead Life EP, there sound is a little more laid back indie collage pop which remind the old days of early 90's pop theat came out of Halifax like Thrush Hermit and Super Friendz.

They released there debut CD which is called "Night Group" on Canadian Label "Tomlab Music

the Members are Seth Smith (vocals/guitars), Nancy Urich (bass/vocals), Crystal Thili (keyboard), and KC Spindle (Drummer)

There Website is or there my space site at

the Video from "Night Group" is "Lydia" with a little rats wheel action
and it you don't get the video, you will dig the music

was not impress how about music from the "Dog Days" EP back in 2005 with the video " Use Your Powers"

And if you like that how about this good song Sleeping On Couches also from the Dogs Days EP

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