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The Live Review

Day Three of the Detour Launch Party
Day Party + BBQ at the C.A.I.D. (Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit)
Night Party at the Magic Stick/Garden Bowl
September 22th

Now the night before i skip night two of the detour party because i went to see the Seattle power pop punk band Ms. Led [Which is led by former Detroitior Lesie Wood] , but what i heard from every body that it was a rucks good time as the Hard Lessons brought there crowd, and the Terrible Twos bring there mayeh as they lead the crowd to crowd surf at the low Ceiling Garden Bowl that some kids where kick out of the stick complex.

and also the Go was also go as they rock the hometown Crowd, and yes some people were asking my friends where was your truly, well i told you on Friday post on night one that i was going to see Ms. Led when i join the band friends list and mention there was playing small a few months ago, so you don't know months in advance who playing where and what day.

unlike the First two night at the Magic Stick Complex there was a Day party and B.B.Q. at the CAID (Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit) which is about two block south of Wayne State u. "Tom Adams Field" on Rosa Parks Blvd between Merrick St. and West Warren Ave. [and it close to 1-94]that where you can enjoy the last real blast of summer before fall come and not only that you can enjoy a nice good BBQ where you can enjoy Rib and and Hot Dogs in that back yard of the CAID with a paining of the mighty Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue Ox on the side of the building looking on.

now the back yard is a very good side backyard with a lot of concert yard peceied and to kill time there was also a little arts and Craft section run by social crafting group called "Loop", which have a Make-n-Take where for a small donation where you can a make a great button.

Now Since i am a big fan of Wayne state football and there was a game at wayne State home field "Tom Adams Fields" [where Wayne state blew 21-10 lead to lose in Overtime 35-28 to Findlay U.]so. i miss the First three bands at the Day party: The Displays, Eons, and Porchsleeper, so i am sorry if miss them and as of this tying no idea how it go so if you where there and want to let the reader how it go you can drop me a email at Culturecitynewstips[at]yahoo[dot]com.

I did arrive at the CAID between 3:30 and 3:45 PM and to my surprised Troy Gregory and the Stepsisters did not play yet, using the Dally in the Alley added the nothing ever start on time in Detroit Culture City, Now this is the first time in about many moths i have seen Tory and the sister, everybody in the band have been busy Troy have been doing his Epic Movie during the summer[Ed Note: i was a Extra during the recent film shoot at the Belmont two weeks ago and yes i do have a couple of lines in it]and the Dirtbombs, Teri Lynn recently got married up north, and Mary Alcie is doing her side project[i don't know what side project, so i sorry that if i don't know].

The Band was really really good despite the long lay off as the band played well played and well sounding 45 mitues set of well know tunes like "Sirens n Stereo's" and “This Very Very Night”, and there was very well received by a fair size crowd.

The Next band was Mason Proper and there were real good which surprise me more and they sounds good, now i must admit some time the band name or what time of music may scared me off but there was no walking out of this one and i glad i did not do this this time the band played a well rounded Experimental pop sound and it a band i would put on your myspace friends list.

Now the back yard was a good ease back setting where it is surround by the street of Detroit and not only that it was also a very nice summer like day, i talk to a lot of friends that i know including the Publisher Anthony Morrow, Critic-at-large
Johnny Loftus, and Promotions Manager Dawn Wegner, and yes i saw the usual suspect and there was some artist who capture the seen like a very nice girl i met who move recently from San Francsio name Katie who was making small note pad of of bands that were playing there.

back to the bands The High Strung played a nice set of there low key mellow set as they as they about go on tour for there latest released called "Get the Guest".

Now the band Lee Marven computer Arm was support to play Detour but pulled out at the last minute, so who would you get for a last minutes gig,you get The Nice Device
and when you get The Nice Device, you can not mention the Poster Girl of all of culture city the retty girl in all of Detroit rock and roll Alicia Gbur and she look so great and so fit, no wonder Jason Stollsteimer hired her for keyboard in the Von Bondies for the new album in February ‘Love, Hate and Then There’s You’.

now i was in the back so i did not go up close in the tent to protect them for the sun and any rain storms but the band sound so great as they play for almost about a hour and Alicia voicial is so growing so Strong and so sweet that would make a perfit fit in the scene.

Oh, one more thing just to mention to myself and to the male readership of this blog, Yes Alicia Gbur does have a boyfriend who also play in the nice device, just so you know.

the day was winding down at the CAID when the last band of the day S.S.M. return to a Detroit area stage for the 1st time since last spring, they be hard at work since recording the follow up to last year Culture City Festive 50 - Local 25 winning CD "Alive" not only that there lead singer Matt "Monther" Morris was nowhere to be found as he relax down in Nashville.[and if you are wondering no he did not see Jack White]

the band of Morris, John Szymanski, and David Shettler was really good even the new song they which i don't know the title to any of the song that play and they played some of the famlder song like "2012" and Marty look total difference he grow his hair out mean that he ready for album number two.

the event ended at about just shortly before 9 P.M. and that mean we head on over to part two of the last night of the Detour party at the stick and i got to tell you it was a fun time although i was a little tried and it was be going to show.

the first band i saw was the well name punk band called The Hadituptoheres[Yes Friend all one word] and they were really good my first time seeing them.

also i went back Downstairs in the garden bowl to see The Mahonies a very good band.

also i saw some good perfrom from Freer, THTX, and bulldogs but to tell you the turth i was beging to get a little bit tired during the return of Ko and the knockiut which did knock me out big time.

but it was whort menting that The Ko and the knock out gig was the 1st time ever in about five year and Ko did a good job of singing her old song aging and yes she did as always she look up to the ceiling wheil playing the Guitar so it was great to see Ko back in the fold, but like i said i was so tried i did not go to the after party at the CAID because i was so tried and wipe out at the same

So overall the whole three day weekend was a great sussce for De-tour and there web-sight and i hoped they do well for years to come.

my thanks to the staff of De-tour head up by publisher Anthony Morrow
you can see a full review of the whole three days at there web sight at:
or you can find it under the hot line[AKA the blogs]

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