Saturday, September 29, 2007

Breaking Gig News

The Pipettes postponed Tour
But Detroit not on the reschual list

Early today i got a myspace bullent to learn that The Pipettes show for this upcoming wednesday at the stick have been cancelled and worst yet accroding to the post they will reschueld the whole tour but the show at the Stick was not on of the reschueld gig road map.

Now 1st why is beging postphone in the 1st place, According to the myspace post that the band from Brighton, England visa paperwork being delayed and there going to start the tour on October 25 in Los Angeles

But, the same post the rest of the tour up to vancouver remain unchange and they post there city where the show get reschual and guess what
the Stick show got let off the list:

New York City

Not the first three show on the tour before it go postpone was

October 2nd - Chicago, IL - Park West
October 3rd - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
October4th - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern

Ouch it look like Detroit is begin skip aging or worst begin left off the 313 aging
they will hav e more on Monday but thos does not look good detroit area gig during the begin of the booking war between north and south of 8th mile.

and before i go i have to mention about a show that is happening at Cliff Bells, which is at 2030 Park Avenue in Downtown Detroit on Monday Day as Ghost City[a side project of Electric Six Chris Tait] will released there self title C.D. with a show at the jazz club.

the show will have a great band with member of Back in Spade[STEPHEN PALMER OVERDRIVE], The Siren[LELA METRO] and Jason & the Hounds Below [BRANDON CODEINE]

the Show will begong at 9:30


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