Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Deskcair review of today at the PC Olympics

it is now almost a half a day [in real time]or about a full day[in NBC Time] to go until the start of the games of the 29 summer Olympics from Beijing, China

and not only that there will be almost 16 days of almost wall to wall coverage of the 32 Olympics sports either on air on either NBC and the own cable station [CNBC,MSNBC,Bravo,USA,Oxygen,and Telemoundo]on CBC across the river on channel 9 or like me almost 25 little know sports like Team Handball, Badminton, Fencing, Judo, and Table Tennis will be steam on line.

now for the last two days i have been watching the early soccer coverage, i know the flame will be lit on Friday but be cause soccer take a long time to go Thu, it get a early start.

Now the Men did a lot better than the woman in there opening game as Stuart Holden blast one from the penalty area in the 47th minutes to win 1-0 over Japan as they stop a three game score-less skid during internataion play.

Now i know as a soccer the US don't do well in international completions like the wor cup, but it was great to see the USA win the opening game because they will be in tough matches with Netherlands[Sunday] and Nigeria.

Now the ladies need to wake up after giving up two goals in the first five minutes to Norway and loss 2-0, it look like they need to step up on Saturday vs Japan or it can be all over [but don't worried they be OK]

Now i did check out the video player for the NBC Olympics it is good nothing special or any thing like that, i did played the basic player not the one with the sliver light player[Microsoft Hi Def Video Player] the video came along OK but a few time as i was watching it stop in the middle in the action so i hit the play button aging to get it flowing aging.

and there was few switching between games because i have to sit Thu a 30 seconds ad for G.E. Ouch!, this is going to be a long 2 and a half weeks of switching events and a 30 second ad for GE.

One More Note before i warp this post, There will be no hamms at the men’s gymnastics event for the U.S., Paul Hamm pull out two weeks ago because broken right hand and strained left rotator cuff, now his brother Morgan Hamm have pulled out because of a painful left leg, and now the U.S. men’s gymnastics have gone from medal fave to also rans.

Now here how it all will go down for the summer Olympics, i live in Detroit so i can watch the coverage from both NBC and CBC from near by Windsor so almost all the sport will be live on CBC, so for the Opening Ceremonies live on 8-8-08 at 8 second before 8:08, so the show will be the only event that will received the live, local, twitter theament.

You Can Go to Culture City Twitter Page at
and follow the glow by glow Opening Ceremonies
it will start at about 7:30 or 7:45 AM
it depend if i can get up that earlier
and it will end at around some where at about 11 AM or Noon

and i have a view From Desk chair
as i watch it during the game with the post goes up at the end of NBC coverage for those of you what are going to watch NBC prime time coverage which will end between midnight or 1 A.M.

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