Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Live And Local review

Tilly and the Wall
The Magic Stick
August 5, 2008

The New School year does not begin in about adnoder month and the gig i saw at the stick was the pre school warm up prom which it was even before the gig began during the take down of opener "The Ruby Suns" and set up for the Tilly portion of there gig, the stage set up crew thew about 20 to 25 balloons into the crowd just work up the crowd.

and once the band from Omaha rush the stage to preform there 75 minutes set you knew it was going to be a fun gig had by all, this is the most fun i have ever see from a band at the stick as the band play alot New S#(% from there new album called "O", and most of there old S#(% from "wild like Children" and "Bottom of Barrels".

it was fun to band to see the band have fun to getther not only that the band gel together with the vocals of Kianna Alarid and Neely Jenkins mix with the intenst guitar playing of Jamie Presenell and the wonderful tap sounds of his wife Jamie and don't forget Nick White on the keyboards.

The Crowd was having a good time as the band played songs like "Rainbows in the Dark","Sing Songs Along","The Ice Storm, Big Gust, and You", as well the new song "Beat Control" and that footstoping song "Pot Kettle Black" from there news album "O" and my fave Tilly song which i was proud to play at my DJ night "Culture City Live 2" back in may at Northern Light Lounge at New Center "Bad Education" [Ed Note: the Detroit Public School HQ is located in the Fisher building in the New Center Area.]

the crowd really like band that after the there encore when the house music play all of a sudden the gig turn in to a mini dance party as the crowd was dancing for about 15 minutes before it they know it going to be Wednesday and they have to go to work, and remember school is only a months away.

The Open act was really good band from Auckland, New Zealand called "The Ruby Suns" i heard a little bit on there my space page, but there was very good mixing there instermantial stuff with there songs was so great live and not only that very nice after the show when i talk to them briefly, and not only that correct me that Wellington is the Capitol of New Zealand.

there was a local opener Ann Arbor own Charlie Slick who i saw at the detour rock city fest, along with his Partner in Crime Shelley put on a good show with that game show like board and they add a little but extra a bubble machine the turn there set into a little indie version "The Lawrence Welk Show", i know somewhere the late great Don Ho is smiling somewhere enjoying the show and having a chuckle.


[and just a reminder you can read a interview i had with the lead singer Till and the Wall lead singer Kianna Alarid, Just scroll down to see the first interview with a band from outside the 313, if it not on the main page just put Tilly and the wall in the Search field, will put a link to it under the new section "The Culture CIty Interview" or just
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