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The Culture City Interview with Tilly and the Wall

Tilly and the Wall was from 2001 from the ashes of a bunch bands from the Omaha, Nebraska among them Park Ave.[which feather Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes]and Magic Kiss.

the band put out there first album in 2004 on Conor Oberst Indie label "Team love" it was called "Wild Like Children" which was recorded in the basement of a friend house.

But they broke out with there next album in 2006 with the well received "Bottoms of Barrels" which feather wonderful song "Bad Education," "Rainbows in the Dark," and "The Freest Man.", and they build up a indie following with there fun foot stepping live show and very colorful and artist video

the album was so good it made the first ever Culture City festive 50 live in 2006 landing at number five.

This March they released a EP called "Beat Control" which was a warm up to the released of there third album called "O" feather a ruckus first track called "Pot Kettle Black" and a great video for the song which keyboard Nick White told stereogum "thinking Beatie Boys' "Sabotage" meets Go-Go's "Vacation."

The band have have a good following among the indie radio, music press and blogger [like myself] because of there heart warming songs, there great live show and great beats that don't come from a drum kit, but there percussion Jamie Pressnall who used tap shoe to generate the band beats for there music.

The other members of the bands are Jamie husbands Derek Pressnall [vocals, guitar],the fore mention Nick White [keyboard] Neely Jenkins [vocals, hand percussion, bass] and the free spirted bass player, hand percussion, tambourine, and vocals Kianna Alarid who i E-mail the questions and took time out of there busy tour to e-mail me back just before there Detroit show this tuesday night.


ICFCC: Culture City
KA: Kianna Alarid, Singer,tambourine, and bass
Tilly and the Wall

ICFCC: Where are the band right Now as you type this interview.

KA: As I type this I am sitting on a couch backstage at the Paradise in Boston.

ICFCC: How the tour been so far and what have been the fans reaction to the New
Songs on the new album played Live.

KA: All the new songs have been super fun to play and people have been singing
along so that's a good sign!

ICFCC: you new album is title "O", why did you decide to name the album after a
single letter does have some to do where you live [Omaha, Nebraska] or let
say a most famous O Oprah.

KA: It's actually not the letter "O" it's more the shape but it can be taken
anyway anyone wants to take it. The symbol of a circle is meaningful as
well as being the shape of the "frame" that holds the handmade artwork on
the cover of the record.

ICFCC: what was the process like making "O' after you major brake Thru with you
last album "Bottoms of Barrels" in 2006

KA: The process was basically the same but the recording was a lot more
involved. We got the chance to record and mix with Mike Mogis and he had
brilliant ideas. It was so much fun!

ICFCC: i have listen to the new album in the on-line press kit and Bottom of
Barrels and the tap sound great on record, and doing a live show it a little
bit difference can you tell my readers what kind gear you used for the tap
shoes and do you ever do sound check.

KA: We have a very unique method for getting the taps to sound right live.
There are two different mics on the front and back of Jamie's custom made
tap floor. Then there is a sub kick mic below the surface. There are
probably other things too but I leave it to Jamie and Neal our sound
engineer to sort it out. And yes, we sound check for about 2 or 3 hours
before every show we play.

ICFCC: I know this would sound like a silly question, but i have to ask how many
tap shoe do you goes Thru a week and the reason i ask that legend have it
the Michael Flatley who was the star of "Riverdance" and "Lord of the Dance"
in his early days goes Thru three shoes a week.

KA: Jamie's tap shoes usually last for about one tour so I guess maybe for one

ICFCC: In your 1st video for album "Pot Kettle Black" you guys roam around the
streets of your home town of Omaha, playing around random gig on side walk,
at the gas Station and even a parade i know you had a director but was it
tough doing a music video on the fly

KA: The video was actually very planned out and pretty easy to film! It was a
ton of fun!

ICFCC: Other than it your home town, what have living in Omaha mean to you with
your music and the band.

KA: It means a lot to us because the people there are so supportive. It's been
a great place to grow as a band.

ICFCC: What kind of music do you listen on the road and do you know any bands
that we don't know yet but once hear would get on my space.

KA: When I am driving on tour I listen to tons of different stuff. My favorite
driving music is Neu! or The Knife. Some bands you should check out are
Capgun Coup and the Black Lips!

ICFCC: In Closing, What would like to say to your fans here in Detroit before
you show here on Tuesday Night at the Stick and do you have any words for
any fans who have not warm up to you, but do want to get on the band wagon?

KA: Just that we are excited to play Detroit again! We love playing at the
Magic Stick!

ICFCC: well thank you very much for this interview, My first major
interview with a band outside 313 on the blog sight, can't wait to see you
on Tuesday Night, much success on the New Album and have safe travel on the
roads, i talk to you soon.

KA: Thank you for the interview! Sorry I didn't answer all the questions but we
don't have internet all the time and it's really hard to find a minute extra
in our days! Thanks!

Well that was a really great interview
to one of my fave indie bands
i hope they have a good show this Tuesday night

and by the way you can check out Tilly and the wall this Tuesday night
there playing the Magic Stick in Detroit Midtown section [4120 Woodward Avenue]
the doors open at 8 PM, if you get them before Tuesday it $10 and on the day of it $12.

Opening up for them will be Auckland, New Zealand pop band
"The Ruby Suns"
and Local band "Charlie Slick"

Thank to Kianna Alarid for doing the E-mail interview
and there PR guy Andy Silva for helping out with the set up

and now here are a few video from Tilly and the Wall
begin with the video for "Pot Kettle Black"

"Pot Kettle Black"

"You and I Misbehaving"

The Ice Storm, Big Gust, and You


Bad Education

Rainbows in the Dark

Beat Control

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