Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Culture City First

well everybody for those of you who have read this blog sight for the last two year know that i have been tiring to do interview on this blog sight but it been tought mostly i have not used the My space I.M. because most of the people i know on my space don't have the the Downloadable I'M and in the last few years i have did two interview by e-mail.

so before my computer got sick at the begin of the year i was going read more fo the PR released of a lot of bands that i don't know and some bands i know from listening to the blog sight and the the my space pages.

but since i got the blog sight back up i have waiting to do a interview with a band from outside the 313 to put on this blog sight well the time have come to do this since this band is coming to town next week, and after some back and forth e-mail and a little waiting, for the first time i have a interview with a band from outside 313 it a band i have been following since the blog begin back in 2006 when i 1st noticed them on the radar section of New Music Express

And that band is:
[below this post]

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