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Ron Asheton 1948-2008
IGGY & THE STOOGES Pictures, Images and Photos

Ron Asheton[Left] with the Stooges

It with Deep Regret as the Editor of the Culture City Blog
i give a the sad News that Ron Asheton the Oringal guitarist of Iggy and the Stooges
Have pass Away in his home in Ann Arbor.

the News have speard like wild fire in all the blogs, myspace pages and the regular news site, Ron was found dead early this morning after Ann Arbor police got a called from his personal assistant at about midnight after not reaching him in several days.

Ann Arbor Police Sgt. Brad Hill told the Detroit Free Press that they did a welfare check and found him in his living room sitting on his couch, Ann Arbor police is conduting a investigation, but told the free press that foul play is not suspected.

aldought no causes have been reported yet, he may have die of natural causes.

Ron Along with his brother, Scott Asheton, Dave Alexander and legionnaire front man Iggy Pop form one of the best bands to come out in the late 60's to come out of Detroit, become on the first true rock and roll band to come out of the Detroit area that was not tie to the Motown record era.

They From in 1967 in that small college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan they played gig around the S.E. Michigan area, they was discover and sing to Elektra record in 1968.

They released there self title debut record in August of 1969 which spawn one of there famous song "I Wanna Be Your Dog" which became a trademark of there live show and have been cover by Sonic Youth and also "No Fun" which was also cover by The Sex Pistols.

They released the Follow up record Fun House in July of 2007 altought it was not a big seller as the debut it was voted by UK music Magazine "Q" was voted Loudest Album Eve in 2007.

it also spawn songs that have been cover and played on DJ night like "T.V. Eye", "1970" and "Loose"[which have been cover by "the Blake Babies]
Iggy and The Stooges Pictures, Images and Photos
after touring of the album they broke up but in 1973 they reform to put out the iconic album "Raw Power" guitarist James Williamson replace Dave Alexander who was fighting alcoholism Ron switch back to bass. it was called one of the most important proto-punk documents of its era.
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The Band drop out after there label Columbia drop them after they tour for almost a year, after the band broke up after that he play in bands in and around the Detroit and Ann Arbor Area. among them The New Order (not to be confused the UK band of the same name which from in the late 70's), New Race, and Destroy All Monsters which was fronted by the lovely punk rock artist Niagara
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but after almost 30 year begin apart they reunite in 2003 to be apart of Iggy Pop "Skull Ring" Which was released in Late of 2003 at the same year they play a legionnaire reunion show a the DTE Energy Music Theatre, it was a show that have opener "Sonic Youth" and "The Von Bondies" as you all know that show was going to go on August 20 but it was delay for about a week because of a black Out that hit the Detroit Area that Night.

It was rescheduled a week later but that didn't slow down that band a they put one of the best show of the year, it was captured for a live DVD which was called Iggy & the Stooges: Live in Detroit Which was released in march of 2004

there was good Vibe from that show they record a new album in 2007 called "The Weirdness", it was the first studio album of new material in almost 30 years

His Passing come weeks before a decision on if there going to be induction in to the "rock n roll" Hall of Fame which the group have tried for years to get into the great hall.

everybody who played, follow, listen, or goes to show in the Detroit Area
we all raised a glass to Ron And Thanks for years of service and his contribution to Detroit Rock n roll and where ever he is tonight, he is rocking out with the god's

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UPDATE: I forgot one thing.

Tonight on Detroit Local 101 on WRIF-FM 101.1 HD2
they will be giving a tribute to Ron Asheton
and they will be playing a lot of his music

you can listen to the show on Riff 2
WRIF-FM HD sub-channel at 101.1 FM HD2
or if you don't have a HD Radio
you can listen to the show at www.riff2.com
the show beging at 10 PM to midnight

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