Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ron Asheton 1948-2009 - Follow up report

Here is a Follow up report on the passing of Stooges lead guitarist
Ron Asheton, Who pass away yesterday in his Ann Arbor home.

Now first thing first there have been no funeral arrangements as of yet
on whether of not it will be public or private

If funeral detail are made public i post the info on this site
if not other News site will post the info.

as for the cause death, an autopsy took place University of Michigan Medical Center where they took toxicology took place, but the result of those test will not be know for about a month.

Now Ann Arbor Police have told the Ann Arbor News Newspaper that they do not suspect foul play was involved in his death, but they are suspecting he may have die of a Heart attack somewhere around New Year Eve and New Year Day.

Now According to Ann Arbor News, the family have hired private security to monitor his home after they found some people removing his guitars from the house Tuesday afternoon.

Ann Arbor Police told the Ann Arbor News that they received a call at about 3:30 PM from Asheton's sister when she arrived at home when she found out multiple people -- including Asheton's personal assistant -- loading guitars into a van

Detective Bill Stanford told the Ann Arbor News that the personal assistant was assaulted by Asheton's sister outside the house.

Nobody was arrested, but police are investigation assault, Officers did returned the guitars to the family until ownership is decide by either a will or in the court.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I walked up to the house and she tried to punch and choke.
Fat old bitch missed.
Nice way to show respect to your brother, eh? Taking his things when you hated him and then trying to assault his girlfriend?

The Jungle said...

anything more on a funeral?

Anonymous said...

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