Wednesday, July 26, 2006


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After weeks of asking fro entry in the detroit News and there web sight and a week after the 20 bands was put in front of you for your vote on the web i now proud to tell you who will play the semi-finals gig in the detroit News Sonic Summer Battle of the Bands.

All last wekk since monday July 17 reader and music lover have been go to the detroit news web sight to vote on there faveoret and now after 25,000 on-line we can reveial who playing where to find the best new band in all of metro detroit the winner of each showcase will play in the grand final gig at Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats festival in Pontiac on Sept. 1st.

For a list of neat prize which you can find out by
clicking here

And Now with out delay here are the semi-finalest for all three gig
(with web sight and sight)

The Bands that are playing Semi-final gig no.1 on Friday, August 4th at Majestic Theatre at the Stick Compelx in Mid-town Detroit are:
Free Element or
Search Party or
and Cobalt Party Revolution or

The Bands that are playing Semi-Final gig No.2 on Thursday, August 10th at Magic Bag in Frendale are
Jiva or
Sunday Painters or
and Prime Ministers or

and the bands that are playing the final Semi - Final at Clutch Cargo's in poitac on Thursday, August 24th are

Jae Stevens Live or
Pillar of Autumn or
and Bright Black or

so that mean that 11 act did not make it and those act got so far are:

the 20 bands are

The Red Rocks
The Regulators
Tone And Niche
The Tom Diaz Band
Laith Al-Saadi
Little Black Book
Every Last Day
Cocktail Shake
Angela High
Auto Pilot

And now the focus turn to the first semi-final gig that will be all over the Detroit News and this blog site and other blog site trug myspace
From more info read the story in today detriot News by
clicking hereor goes to the Sonic Summer Battle of the Bands at


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