Friday, June 15, 2007

The Gig Gudie Weekend in Review

Well this weekend is a lot more calmer then last weekend breakout where there was about five or six good shows all happening at the same time well this week is a lot more calmer then the weekend, which is always a good sing.

This Week action is More Sperd out thought the three days than on the same night at the same time which is tough in asking you self where do you want to go.

We Begin with Friday and i have two gig for you, First off at the St.Andrew Hall there is the indie band from Long Island call "Straylight Run" who will released there follow-up album called "The Needles, The Space" on New Music Tuesday, they cart a hugh Following among the indie press in 2004 with there self title debut will be in Detroit with fellow rocker Sparta, now this is a early show as it will begin at six.

And After that you can go up the road for you fill of live and local music at the Stick were the local indie pop outfit "Woodward" is playing a gig to celebrate the released of there new album "... But your kids are going to love it".

The Band have been playing to gether since 2004 "Have been called a poor man version of the rock group Wezzer.

That Show will begging at 8 PM with "Band B" and "Manna and Quial" Opening up for them.

On Saturday Night at the Lager House in the Western Edge of Downtown will be a Muggs Doubleheader where the self Descird Ugliest band in the world will played two show one at 5 P.M. with This year Detroit News Battle of the band winner "The Displays" and Smashed Windows [which feather member of both displays and The Muldoons] and one at 9 PM with collage age band The Decks and Alternative Classic Rock from Chicago "The Ivorys"

and Down the Road and at st. Andrew hall but at the shelter there will be a good pair of Indie rockers there New Zealand rocker The Veils who will share the Stage with super rocker from Brooklyn "The Comas" both band have in the last couple of Months have released album with "The Veils releasing "Nux Vomica" and "the Comas" releasing there album 'Spells" the show will begin at 8:30 PM

also at the Magic stick on Saturday Night where "The Amino Acids will played a gig to celebrate there brand new Collection of there brand of Surf Punk rock for the bowling/sci fi crowd there New album is called "Humanity Will Fall Like Pins" the show will begin at 9 P.M.

and if you think there is nothing going on Sunday night there is the band is band that is worth your addition on Sunday Night at the Stick, it the L.A. Eletro pop/ New Wave/ indie rock outfit "Shiny Toy Guns" who released the well put together dubut album "We Are Pilots" last year and there live set really light up the stick the last time there was here so are a word of cation get your Ear Plug ready it going to be loud, it at the stick Sunday night at 8 P.M. and get there early if like the "Arcade Fire" Have Book a live gig in Detroit and tickets goes on Sale.

The Other gig This Week end in detroit

on Friday Barenaked Ladies playing the DTE Energy Music Theatre, dax riggs from Deadboy & The Elephantmen is playing a solo set at the lager House, Tony Bennet is playing Detroit Opera House.

On Saturday 60's teen idols Leslie Gore is playiong the Ark in Ann Arbor, the Fray with O.K. GO is at DTE Theatre, Dutch Pink, Lime Regal, Helen are playing at Small's in Hamtramck, Jarrod Champion Sleeps Till Dusk and playing a gig at the Belmont in Hamtramck with Cleveland Black Canary and House of Fire, Scott Morgan's Powertrane played with The Sights, The Muldoons at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, WILLY MASON is playing a free show at the Magic Bag in Frendale, and there is a Dally in Alley Fundrasier with DJ at the Cass Cafe this Saturday.

And Don't forget the Dally in the Alley is on Sept 8th with a Sept 9th

if not going out on the Week end there is the Webcast of the Bonnaro Music Festival this weekend in Manchester, TN now tickets are sold out, but you can see a webcast on the ATT blue room at where you can find a full lind up of what band will be playing live and if you ask one of the band will be webcast will be the White Stripes.

and there are two non-music related Items: If you Miss it at 11 A.M. this Morning CBS will replayed Bob Barker last ever "Price is Right" [Which was taped last week} tonight at 8 P.M. and if music or TV is not your thing and some i forgot on the Film Giude Friday post.

The Planet Ant Film Festival which take place this weekend at the planet ant theater in Hamtramck the event which in it Five year celebrates independent movies and the people who make them, featuring comedies, dramas, documentaries, animation and music videos.

it will warp up with there Awards Ceremony at 10 pm, and the Film Jury include Larry Joe Campbell of the recently cancel "According to Jim" and Josh Funk of MTV "Wild 'N Out" if you want to find more info just go to the websight at

What ever you do have a good weekend
and it perfit at Justin Verlander NO-NO on Tuesday Night

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