Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Smash at the C.A.I.D.

Sorry for lack of Post as of late because i am watching the Olympic on-air and on line at, and i try to post every day but you can not turn away live video either live or on tape or on-demand, Oh! well

i posting this to let you know that SummerSmash returning after a one year absent last year, the summer indie powerpop show case will take place this upcoming weekend at Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit at 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd on Detroit east side

Now i know you been hearing the jokes and all that but just to let you know everything will be O.K., the CAID did get a temp Liquor license with the city so it will be O.K. for the entry three day weekend.

it going to start at 9 P.M. it will end at about 1 A.M. tonight and Friday and on Saturday it will begin at 2 PM until 1 AM or 2 AM, and yes must end at 2 AM

if you want to know who is playing here is the line up
and cover for the whole weekend will be $16 for the enter weekend or
if you can't go to all three days it $5 for tonight and $ 8 for Friday and Saturday

More info at


9 P.M. - Bird Gang
10 P.M. - Friendly Foes
11 P.M. - 4 Hour Friends


9 P.M. - Sons of the Gun
10 P.M. - Hotness
11 P.M. - Beggars
Midnight - Oblisk


2 P.M. - Whistling School
3 P.M. - OHTIS
4 P.M. - Elle & the Fonts
5 P.M. - Always 17
7 P.M. - Prussia
8 P.M. - Electric Fire Babies
9 P.M. - Goudron
10 P.M. - Dead Bodies
11 P.M. - The High Strung
Midnight - Silverghost

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