Monday, October 20, 2008

Culture City Danceing with the stars preview - Round Six

Before i begin with this week dancing preview
i know for those of you who read this blog, i know that
some of you i know you have told me that you can not watch
Dancing with the stars and that is pretty understandable

But since this my own blog and it won over fans from that
1st season back in the summer of 2005 and if you remember
my test post on my space message board i have on and off with
with following the show.

so begin with the series six season finale i put it on the Culture City News twitter page at to free up the blog for other things so the only dancing with the stars related stuff will be this post on Monday preview post or any breaking.

as long as the show is on the air or the longer i do this blog
i will do live dancing twitter on the show, so that is that

also two other notes on the blog site

1 last week i join facebook on my own as a person
but i and hoping to do a separate Culture City Face book Page
but it is so confusing it driving me up the wall so if you can help me out
you can e-mail me on the right side of the menu.

also i am hoping to do a separate culture city twitter page at the start of the new year.

Now on to DWTS...

there is on eight dancer left on the ABC show

and thanks god the less musical and stiff dancer Rocco DiSpirito is gone, the judges could not stand his lack of beat and almost may look like master p look like a better dancer.

the big surprise last week was Cloris Leachman who score a 22 on Tango which a big plus for Cloris who have been really bad for the 1st four weeks.

the Lance and Lacey vs Judge Len is thawing out after last week Tango it was really good they was called back to dance aging on the result show.

but still the top two is still TV host Brooke Burke and Ex-Football player Warren Sapp despite Sapp slipping quite a bit last week.

so here is my ranking heading into week 5 the half-way point

1. Brooke Burke
2. Warren Sapp
3. Toni Braxton
4. Lance Bass
5. Maurice Greene
6. Susan Lucci
7. Cody Linley
8. Cloris Leachman

i begin twittering round 5 begin tonight from 8 to 9:30 PM
so see you then at

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