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The Culture City Interview - Back in spades Frontman Stephen Palmer

During the height of the Detroit gardge scene early in this decade, there was a lot band hoping to be the next big band to come out of detroit, one of thouse bands was back in spade this 4-pieced band was a fan fave during live show with there blues-style of rock.

there was love, even one of there song was Detroit Slums was name little stephen coolest snog in the world on his syndicated underground gardge radio show back in 2004. and then when they reach the heights of popular they went there separt way and Never was hear aging.

So i was kind to hear that the four guys in back in spade was getting back together to do a one off reunion show at Small's in hamtramck tonight[December 20th] the four guys Stephen Palmer[lead vocals],Jackson Smith[Guitars],Nick Bataran[bass] and Joe Leone[Drums] have been doing a lot of project here and there like Palmer begin a part of the "Ghost City" and Nick touring the country and the world as guitar tech for one of culture city fave bands "The Kills"

But there back in town for the holiday and there doing a show and played just as they remember, early this week i talk to front man Stephen Palmer to see what as the band take to the stage for the first time in four years.


ICFCC: It Came From Culture City:
SP: Stephen Palmer

It Came From Culture City: So Stephen Palmer how it going

Stephen Palmer: it's going very well - a bit cold today!
how are you?

ICFCC: i am doing find on this day[Tuesday 12/16], 'Well back in spade a great band in Detroit after the white stripes go mainstream, was a solid band for three years before you guys went your speared ways and now you are back together, first of all how did this reunion happed and why small's

SP:thanks steve! we were given an opportunity to play at smalls by mike mouyanis back in october - everyone felt good about it, so we had a couple rehearsals and we're excited to play on the 20th.

ICFCC: have you patch things up with the other members bacause it has been a long time since you play in the same room together.

SP:yes, it's been about four years, though we're happy at how well things clicked back into place during rehearsals.

ICFCC: did you fell good vibe aging?

SP: yes, it was nice to get in the same room and play together. i hadn't seen nick bataran in over a year and we're all very busy - so, there was definently a good vibe!

ICFCC: so i know you fans have been asking you why did you break up in the first place?

SP: well, we had a good run of about 3 years - we had great times and great shows. we had a bit of an accelerated lifespan due to the intensity levels of the personalities in the band. sometimes conditions like that can result in great creativity and more often, it causes an implosion.

ICFCC: So how did you rebuild the from the Ruble form that implosion?

SP: well, i should mention that we have no long term plans to reform. we were interested in playing this one show to have a good time...though, we're not ruling anything out...

ICFCC: Like a great show this saturday

SP: yes, we're really looking forward to it!

ICFCC: i know you guys for the last few years, but for my readers what have you done since back in spade broke up

SP: i've had a few projects over the years and i'm working on a record now which i'm very happy about.

ICFCC: What kind kind of band where you in? for thouse of us remember

SP: mostly bands in the "joke" or "fake" genre

ICFCC: so what is your new project are you in is it a solo project of a new band

SP: the new project is called "palmer's penthouse" and it's a recording project so far - but i hope to have a band again.

ICFCC: Now you are calling the project a penthouse, now dont tell me or a ladies man or you have a girlfriend

SP: hahaha!!!!! you have an open invitation to palmer's penthouse anytime if you'd like to see for yourself!

ICFCC: OK i will conserder that, hummm!

SP: you should start Culture City's penthouse!

ICFCC: I dont know

SP: just an idea.

ICFCC: steve Palmer OMG....OK

SP: i will consider that last statement the "gotcha" moment of the interview.

ICFCC: Now when back in spade 1st broke out the detroit rock scene was big fule by the stripes and the von bondies the dirtbombs and other and now here we are in 2008 and the scene is back to a reg. scene, are you comfeable with that or do you think the rock Scene have more to offer?

SP: there are still many great bands in detroit and the city definently still has alot of talent to offer

ICFCC: so what band have you been digging to Inside the 313 and out side the 313

SP: i'm a fan of the dead bodies, the go, high strung, zoos of berlin, wildcatting, scarlet oaks and many others but i'm not able to go out and support bands as much as i would like to.

ICFCC: is that because of work or trying to get out

SP:i can't handle the smoke.

ICFCC: i know the bloing smoke suck, Is there a band that nobody have heard before that all of culture city should hear of

SP: you might be asking the wrong person. i listen to talk radio.

ICFCC: There is the internet, for music and you listen to talk radio, Why

SP: i am interested in current events, news and politics. i play music everyday and i guess i'm in my own bubble most of the time.

ICFCC: One more question, the name of band "Back in Spades" where did you get you name in a back year poker game or what?

SP: Yes.

ICFCC: tell my reader the story

SP: i knew we'd be a powerful live band. i consciously wanted to be in a heavier guitar and drum group. so, regarding the name - i liked the notion, but not the literal meaning of a card game, but inevitably, that's what people think.

ICFCC: Well thank you very much for this interview is there any thing that you want to say before saturday show?

SP: i've got blisters on my fingers!

ICFCC: Well thank you very much for the interview have fun on saturday and will talk to you soon

SP: thanks for the interview!

The Back in Spades Reunion Show will go tonight at 9 PM
at Small's in Hamtramck
it located at 10339 Conant St
Ticket are $10 Bucks
GOREVETTE'S a new band feather Amy Gore of the gore gore girls
and Nikki Corvette's will open the show

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That's a great interview, Steve! You should do more like this.

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