Sunday, January 11, 2009

Public Memoral Info for Ron Asheton

Over the Weekend we got info on the Memorial for Ron Asheton
who pass away last week in his Ann Arbor home of a heart Attack
at the age of 60

it will be held this Saturday January 17th at Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown Detroit and it begin dubbed "Ronnie ...Thanks a Million: An Elegant Farewell to a Beloved Friend"

it is begin put on and hosted by hosted by Asheton's former muse and band mate in the late 70's punk pop group Destroy All Monsters, the artist Niagara, along with her partner Colonel Galaxy.

The Program will begin at 9 PM, There will be tributes to Asheton by friends and those influenced by him, a film retrospective by Tim Caldwell, and Asheton's own music will be played.

it will go until 11 PM where it will shift to the Music Hall's Jazz Café where special performance by Asheton's former Dark Carnival band mates, led by Bootsey X & the Lovemasters, and some "very special friends will play in honor of their late band mate and friend."

admission is Free, but Asheton's friends and fans are asked to donate whatever they can to cover the night's expenses, as well as the guitarist's favorite charity, the Michigan Humane Society.

In a statement, Niagara and the Colonel said: "Ron Asheton was more than an innovative guitarist, he was an easygoing, subtly hilarious guy who, simply and effectively, created a sound and aesthetic which will forever reverberate as long as there are guitar players. Ron maximized his early work into postmodern art of the highest order. In retrospect, Ron's influence cannot be overstated, only imitated. Ronnie used to like to say, 'Thanks a million,' in mock gratitude when joking with friends. Now here's our last chance to say, 'Ronnie... Thanks a Million.' "

The Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts is at 350 Madison
in downtown Detroit Right Across the Street from the Gem Theater.
[see the Map below]

info can be found on Nia website at
or can be found at or call(313) 887-8500

Also for the 1st time since his Friend Death Iggy Pop talk call to Deminski & Doyle program on WCSX [94.7 FM] in the inter view that was recorded on Friday and play this morning he told the pair “As long as I don’t think about it, I’m OK. And then when I think about it, I’m not OK… He had a beautiful touch as a musician.

“He developed such a unique sound and approach to his instrument and writing that I don’t think that everybody got it at first, but over the years other generations caught on,”, “I think a lot of good musicians were influenced by what Ron pioneered.”

he then told the Pair that he found out about the death on the phone
“I woke up and got a cell phone message last Tuesday morning from my U.K. manager for the Stooges. He just said, ‘Call me, I really need to talk to you.’ From the tone of his voice I knew something really big was up. So I called him in Europe. He said, ‘I got some bad news for you.’ From the tone of that, I had an immediate interior reaction. He then told me Ron had passed away.”

Asked what bands he thought were most influenced by Asheton’s style, Iggy answered, “The most obvious would be Sonic Youth… bands that use dissonance and overdrive. I hear a little bit in Smashing Pumpkins… also in Nirvana.”

There is More in this 24 minutes interview you can find the full interview
at there web site at and click under D+D
you can find a direct
link here

now the big question will this be the year "The Stooges" final get in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the Class of 2009 will be announce any week now and it will be a big time if they get in.

I bet you it will happened.


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