Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Film Gudie Top 10

And we have a lot of winners
and at the same time a lot of
box office lossers

First the Winners

"Disturbia" a triller about a a housebound teenager[who played by Shia LeBouf] who suspects a neighbor of murder finish at no.1 in the box office with a take of $23 million.

it knock off the figer skating flick "Blades of Glory" after two weeks on top of the box office with aa take $14.1 million for a total take of $90.2 million after 17 days

also a winner was "300" the film finnish in 9th place with $4.3 million which take it $200.8 million, the first film this year to do so.

and beleavr it or not there was a ton of losers this weekend
big time losers if you follow films expect for thouse die hard fans

The big losser was the three hours Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's double-feature "Grindhouse" it loss over 63% of the take to finsh at the bottom of the top 10 after a very, very week opening weekend last weekend $11.6 million

other films dont ask.

Half of this week new films made the top 10

you know "Disturbia" at No.1 but the other two films made the top ten with so-so take, The high bissness muders flick "Perfect Stranger," with Bruce Willis and Halle Berry took the No. 4 spot with $11.5 million.

"Pathfinder" the story about a Viking boy raised by Indians in pre-Columbus North America, lump in at No. 6 with $4.8 million.

and the rest of the other new films, well you find out about them after the rest of the top Ten.

1. "Disturbia," $23 million.
2. "Blades of Glory," $14.1 million.
3. "Meet the Robinsons," $12.1 million.
4. "Perfect Stranger," $11.5 million.
5. "Are We Done Yet?", $9.2 million.
6. "Pathfinder," $4.8 million.
7. "Wild Hogs," $4.6 million.
8. "The Reaping," $4.6 million.
9. "300," $4.3 million.
10. "Grindhouse," $4.2 million.

And what about the other New released, well they finish out of the top 10 as Flops

Big time

The crime thriller "Slow Burn," about as a prosecutor taking on a gang leader that have Ray Liotta and LL Cool J burn out quickly with just a small Box office take of $800,000, that week and worst it hold back on the film for reviewers.

the Movie version of the cartoon network film "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" which was called "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters" which cause a scare in boston back in January when a guerrilla promotion campang when horroable bad thinking there were bomb all over boston. it took in $3.1 million but finnish out of the top 10.

But this week worst in show in the box office went to the street-racing Film "red- line" now you may remember this nutty stunt a few weeks back with there star Eddie Griffin.

Budget for the movie: $26 million
number of cars destroyed during filming of the film: 2
Price of the Rare Ferrari Enzo: $1.5 Million
This Opening weekend take of "Red-Line": $4 million[did not make the top 10]
The Look of a studio head in see that red-Line is mot a hit: Priceless

[Dont worried Eddie we O.K.]

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