Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Indie News Round Up

It is Friday, April 20th

and it the weekend with the Sky outside will be nice with temp in thlow 70's all weekend

before i go to the local news, if you are asking yourself if i when to the Detroit Music Awards in Downtown Detroit i did not when to it i did not want to sit in the third Floor Balcony, like last year.

So i will post something about the show this weekend[From My web sourced with my own opinion about the Whold thing.]

i want to clear up one thing before i give you the News, a few week ago on the Next to last Liz Copeland show on WDET-FM when he have the One and only "Sterling" it was mention that Liz would program the 2nd Ave. stage at Comerica Cityfest, well i saw
Sterling at the Yo La Tango show on Wednesday and he clear one thing up that Liz will program two night at the 2nd Ave. Stage and May DJ a night at City fest which would be awesome and it would be cool if we full the whole 2nd Ave. to show our support For Liz.

Speaking of Cityfest on Monday it was announce to the Detroit Free Press a new band have just sing to played the main stage at Comerica Cityfest.

Let Me Give you a few clues before i can give you the Name fo that band.

- this band was from in 1968 in the Chicago suburb of Rockford, Illinois

- For the last ten years they have released music on there own
so you may want to called them a old indie band

- They have pop up on Movie sound tracks since 1979 which include "Top Gun", "Heavy Metal","Joe Dirt","Daddy Day Care", and "Detroit Rock City"

- And Last but Not leased one of there well Know Songs is in Guitar Hero II for the playstation 2 and XBOX 360.

if you did not know who this band is well friend you where Caught in a

Cheap Trick

the band have join a impress line-up that will feather

Femi Kuti (July 4)
R&B singer Bobby "Blue" Bland(date TBA)
The Wailers (July 5)
"Weird Al" Yankovic (July 5)
indie rock band Spoon(July 4)
"Carl Craig and Planet E Communications presents " (July 4)
Hot Club of Detroit(July 6)
and the Detroit Soul and Blues Revue that will feature Sir Mack Rice,Alberta Adams and Johnnie Bassett (July 8).

The Full Line up and set time will be Announcer in a few week and i am working hard on with my serect Molds to find out more news bands that are playing Cityfest this year and you know that Culture city will be all over the New Center Area on the 4th of July Weekend.

And one other local bit of news that was broke by Japer, the web vomit guy and have been pick up by almost ever Music blog that i know, the Henchman's will released a C.D. of there old '45 records it will be called "Hentch.Forth.Five." it will have 14-songs that was originally released back in 1998 on an EP, a 12", and two singles, all "remixed and remastered by Dan Currie and it include a very young Jack White playing in almost every track.

yes the same jack white who in the white stripes, according to the band that Jack played bass on a bunch, contributes lead guitar to three tunes, and is lead vocal on "Some Other Guy", plus he also backup vocals on several other tracks.

Front man John Szymanski said "should be out in about two months" which is the 10th anniversary of the label that released it Italy Records.

when we heard it will let you know.

on To the Other news outside the 313

There was couple of bands sing to some Label last week, Sweden band "Shout Out Louds" who released the wonderful 2004 "Howl Howl Gaff Gaff" have jump label jumping from Capitol to on of the hottest indie right now Merge and will released there second album which is called "Our Ill Wills" Which was produced the Bjorn of "Peter Bjorn and John".

The album will be out in the US on September 11.

Also singing to a indie as well is "Architecture in Helsinki" who sing to the Polyvinyl Record Company who will released there third album "Places Like This" on Aug. 7. In addition, the new single "Heart It Races", as well as several different remixes and cover versions of the song, will be released on CD, 12" and digital formats on June 5.

And According to, it look like that the run of the animation cartoon band "Gorillaz" will hid out at a sercet location for the near distact future, the main voice for the band Damon Albarn told BBC Radio 2 that the soundtrack score to a film by Monty Python director and actor Terry Gilliam will be the last time you ever Hear 2D, Noodles, Russel, and Murdoc, saying "there won't be another pop record." Albarn have been busy with his other side project "the Good, the Bad, and the Queen" and may be the reunion of Blur.

i have added a a listen of the New album that are steaming on Line right now before you by it the new section of the site is called the listen booth and that where you find the new album from "Arctic Monkeys", "Midnight Movies" Western Michigan "The Icicles" and "The Winterpills" all of them are the full album for free and steaming and depending on the sight where is coming from [myspace or a E-card] it will be up for one to three weeks.

And if you want to know this week NASCAR race is in Phoenix.

Have a good weekend.

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