Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Site Update

We i decide to post this update for my blog site

About the Blog sight, it been kind of discating this week to do the sight because i have been following the Shooting at Virginia Tech, that have been on everybody minds for the last few days and will be for the next few weeks.

I want everybody who follow indie music to keep the prayed of the victims and everybody at Virginia Tech University.

Now as you know i did not do the New Music Tuesday on Tuesday, this Tuesday because i could not get the New Music List from MTV News Web sight[I get a blank Screen]so i went to the Libary to copy the list but there was no Internet service because there AT@T line was Damage so i may tried at the end of the week to post the New Music Tuesday Guide with this week "The List".

And there is No News Update because i going to a gig tonight at the stick and as always when there is a gig at midtown or downtown at the st.Andrews Halli can do a full update[you have to remember i write 22 WPM, and that conserved very slow]

so i will do a couple of update before the end of the week.

thanks you, very much for your understating
because i do have a life away from the computer

Thanks Aging

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