Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

and Halloween is six Months away I know the spook have not shown up yet.

But the reason i bring this up today is not one, but two passing of the "undead"

The voice of the classic song that always played at Halloween "The Monster Mash" have pass on, singer Bobby "Boris" Pickett who did the song impersonation of 50's horror stars Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, died last night in LA he was 69 and have been batting leukemia

the song reach the chart the week before Halloween in 1962, aldoght he did not have andor No. one hit it became the most popular of the one-hit wonders and it was No.1 aging in 1970 and 1973.

1973 was also the year i was born and in my early Childhood i did watch watch alot of Old School T.V. on all the Detroit TV Channel [2,4,7,9,20,50,56,62]

and one of those show that scare the living daylight out of me after after whating TV all morning and getting in a few fight with my younger sister over who watch what was Sir Graves Ghastly he scare alot of younger Detroit on WJBK-TV2 from 1967 until he presented his last bad B-movie Flicks in May of 1983.

Now word came this morning that the guy who played the Vampire who host from that Coffin Lawson Deming have pass on Wednesday Night, He was living in Cleveland, Ohio after the show end and even without the cape and make up would still be reconing for that movie host.

there is a report for his old station on his passing on
Fox 2 Web sight that where you can sing your Condolences
also there is a good Fan sight that give Prise to
Sir Graves Ghastly scary way whay ha ha ha ha

Now i did Search you tube to find any Sir Graves Ghastly clips but sadly i did not find none.

But i did find a single clip on you tube but i did find a clip of The Monster Mash in Hourer of both Sir Graves Ghastly and Bobby "Boris" Pickett

Mean Whiled that Outdoor Mega concert season begin tomorrow with the Coachella Festival and it will last until Lollapoolza on Aug. 3rd to the 5th and one band one of my fellow blogger would loved play at the makeshift stage at grant park in Chicago


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and Don Forget i have can get video of Cocahella i could do reviews on this blog sight so stay tune.

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