Monday, April 23, 2007

Live From Culture City

Well it the Weekend

And with Nothing else going on the music world in the event of new released, upcoming released, and who got in trouble to the ribbing i get from time to time

it boring, expect if there is a Saturday night live catch up to all the show you miss this week either on-line [music shows] or on-air [VCR and TiVo} or doing some working around the house or the gig here and there.

but what if on the one weekend if there is nothing
there nothing good on TV or worst there is nothing going on

So this sight introduce this top of the page for the weekend feather called

"Live From Culture City"

Live Concert From the Field from some of the band that i like from the Dutch base that also visitor to post the concert on your blog sight or myspace profile so i think cool why not do it, i will post a gig once a week on this sight and so if you want to see the full gig it will be Up there for the Full weekend even if there story to be told on the sight.

So tonight first band "Live from Culture City" is a many of you noticed is one of the hottest live bands in all of Detroit rock City, there are called the hard lessons and they have been doing there brand of rock in roll for the last three years with there C.D. "Gasoline"[released in 2005] and there follow E.P. "Get Up", but there are mostly know for there live shows which allway wake up the live crowd to a frenzy.

they also on the road always playing anywhere which include "South by South West"[twice] and was one of the last few bands to played NYC C.B.G.B.

This Concert was filed in September 2006
at the Melkweg in Amsterdam

So Live From Culture City here the winner

The Hard Lessons

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